04. Słówka 03 - Idioms 01

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około idiom
Lernen beginnen
I'll meet you at 4ish
wariat, świr, zdruzgotny idiom
Lernen beginnen
a basket case
He was a basket case after he was thrown off the basketball team
coś nowego / powiew świżości idiom
Lernen beginnen
a breath of fresh air
She's a breath of fresh air
to kwestia gustu idiom
Lernen beginnen
it's a matter of opinion
It's a matter of opinion whether eating fired tarantulas is a gourmet treat
byc w kłopoci idiom
Lernen beginnen
be in hot water
If you tell your boss off you'll really be in hot water
to tylko kwestia czasu idiom
Lernen beginnen
it's only a matter of time
It's only a matter of time until his boss realizes that he is the one stealing money from the till
tak czy owak idiom
Lernen beginnen
be that as it may
Be that as it may, I thing you should reconsider your decision to move to Antarctica
wściekły idiom
Lernen beginnen
up in arms
His father was up in arms when he learned that he had crashed his new car
zmienić plany (go out of your way) idiom
Lernen beginnen
bend over backwards
He really bent over backwardsto make my stay enjoyable
biała plama idiom
Lernen beginnen
draw a blank
I drew a blank when I tried to remember his brother's name
jak na razie idiom
Lernen beginnen
for the time being
Let's take a break from studying for the time being
stchórzyć idiom
Lernen beginnen
to get cold feet
John wanted to ask Maria out but he got cold feet and chickened out
zrozumieć idiom
Lernen beginnen
get the picture
Do you get the picture?
weź się w garść
Lernen beginnen
get your act together
You'd better get your act together or you're going to fail all your classes
spróbować, dać szansę
Lernen beginnen
give it a shot
Why don't try bungee jumping. Give it a shot
powiedzieć szczerze co się myśli idiom
Lernen beginnen
give him a piece of your mind
If I were you I would give him piece off your mind
wstać lewą nogą idiom
Lernen beginnen
get up out of the wrong side of the bd
olać kogoś idiom
Lernen beginnen
give sb a cold sholder
Brett walked right post me without saying a word. He gave me a cold sholder
pójść na całość (bardzo się starać, dawać z siebie wszystko)
Lernen beginnen
go all out
The team went all out for a win.
wszystko się zawaliło, pogorszyło idiom
Lernen beginnen
everything went downhill
After he got devorced, everything went downhill
pójść z dymem
Lernen beginnen
go up in smoke
His dreams of being a professional athlete went up in smoke when he broke a leg
wywyższać się, mieć asa w rękawie
Lernen beginnen
have a chip on your sholder
He has such a chip on his sholdert that he hardly ever relates to anyone
mieć tego dość idiom
Lernen beginnen
have it up to here
I have had it up to here with noisy students
mieszane uczucia
Lernen beginnen
mixed feelings
I have very mixed feelings about her marrying a fisherman
przemyśleć coś idiom
Lernen beginnen
second thoughts
I am having second thoughts about trekking in Greenland this summer
wściec się
Lernen beginnen
throw a fit
His mother threw a fit when she heard that he lost her i-phone.
zamieniam się w słuch idiom
Lernen beginnen
I'm all ears
ma to w kieszenie
Lernen beginnen
in the bag
His new is in the bag. He signed th contract
gdzie diabeł mówi dobranoc
Lernen beginnen
in the middle of nowhere
co za pech idiom
Lernen beginnen
just my luck
Just my luck to lose the winning th lottery ticket
mieć na oku
Lernen beginnen
keep an eye on
Will you keep an eye on my nephew while I walk the dog?
pamiętaj, weź pod uwage idiom
Lernen beginnen
bear in mind
Bear in mind, learning a new language is not as easy as it seems
uczyć się na pamięć idiom
Lernen beginnen
learn by heart
wygadać się idiom (spill the beans)
Lernen beginnen
let the cat out of the bag
Don't let the cat out of the bag, keep his surprise birthday party a secret
uczynić dzień lepszym idiom
Lernen beginnen
make the day great
The guy I have a crush on, finally called me. He made my day
nie zrozumieć całkowicie
Lernen beginnen
miss the point entirely
nie ma mowy
Lernen beginnen
no way
nie zdecydować się idiom
Lernen beginnen
up in the air
Plans are up in the air - we haven't deciced what to do yet
coś z niczego
Lernen beginnen
from scratch
Her carrot cake was made from scratch
zmienić zdanie idiom
Lernen beginnen
a change of heart
I have had a change of heart
szczęscie w nieszczęściu idiom
Lernen beginnen
a blessing in disguise
Loosing his job turned out to be a blessing in disguise
nudny, monotonny idiom
Lernen beginnen
dead end
przeczucia idiom
Lernen beginnen
gut feeling
bułka z masłem idiom
Lernen beginnen
piece of cake
zdzierstwo idiom
Lernen beginnen
rip off
utrapienie (a pest)
Lernen beginnen
pain in the neck
His little brother is a real pain in the neck
na tym samym wózku
Lernen beginnen
in the same boat
nadawać na tych samych falach
Lernen beginnen
be on the same wavelength
łeb na karku idiom
Lernen beginnen
be on the ball
He's really on the ball
wielkie coś (sarcastic)
Lernen beginnen
big deal
Loosing an old sock is not a big deal.
bardzo drogi idiom
Lernen beginnen
cost an arm and a leg
trzymać kciuki
Lernen beginnen
cross your finger
łatwiej powiedzieć niż zrobić
Lernen beginnen
easier said than done
mieć po dziurki w nosie
Lernen beginnen
to be fed up

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