11.11-18.11 English with Valeria

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to attack sb who has attacked you
Today, the American working class is going to...
Lernen beginnen
to strike back
to be a perfect example of a quality or type of thing / uosabiać
The reason why the white working class voted for Trump is ... by a sign that said "we voted with our middle finger"
Lernen beginnen
to epitomize
to adopt or support (a cause, belief, a way of life) / zostać zwolennikiem
He ... conservative political views.
Lernen beginnen
to espouse
a large group of insects moving all together / Rój
Lernen beginnen
a swarm
to accept or allow behaviour that is wrong / wybaczyć
And it's not my job description to ... racism, no matter who expresses it.
Lernen beginnen
to condone
to criticize sth as bad, without value or harmful / denounce/ potępiać
It's a lot easier to ... someone else's racism than to face your own class advantage.
Lernen beginnen
to decry
the most important or basic part of sth
For me, the ... is that if people can't access their hope, they live by their fear.
Lernen beginnen
a nub
affronted, insulted by intend / zdisowany
"You should go back to school"
Lernen beginnen
deprived of or lacking sth / pozbawiony czegoś, osierocony
Lernen beginnen
if a person is ... they don't have a clear purpose in life or know what they want to do / dryfujący
Lernen beginnen
to leave a country, political party esp. in order to join an opposing one
The whites are ... away from the Democratic Party and joining the Republicans.
Lernen beginnen
to defect
if a thought or idea ... you, you suddenly think of it
Another thing that ... me is Marge in The Simpsons is depicted as smarter and more responsible than Homer.
Lernen beginnen
to strike
a quality or action of strongly supporting a person, party, without considering it carefully / poplecznictwo
Lernen beginnen
a partisanship
knowing or suggesting correctly what will happen in the future / przewidujący
We wrote the book before 2016 election, some would say it was ... of the outcome.
Lernen beginnen
prescient (adj)
a person who knows a lot about a particular subject and is often asked to give an opinion about it/ ekspert, mędrzec
Many pundits missed that Trump wasn't trying to attract all voters across the US.
Lernen beginnen
a pundit
elektryzujący, causing you to take action
In these ... moments, e.g. the election of Trump has the power to shape how young voters think about politics.
Lernen beginnen
to provoke in a playful way
Disrespect includes mocking people, belittling sb or ... sb in ways that sting.
Lernen beginnen
to tease
Piękno jest w oczach patrzacego
Lernen beginnen
The beauty is in the eye of beholder
without fresh air / duszny
I vividly recall walking into this ... hospital room.
Lernen beginnen
able to spread among people / zaraźliwy
It's ... and we become carriers of it just by being around it.
Lernen beginnen
limited (often physically), or existing only in a particular group of ppl/ ograniczony
And it isn't ... to the workplace.
Lernen beginnen
doing things in a secret or unfair way, dishonest
A ... way to raise taxes.
Lernen beginnen
very well known and important/wybitny
Lernen beginnen
to intentionally prevent the success of a plan or action.
Most uncivil people ... their success.
Lernen beginnen
to sabotage
to be prepared and willing to support or defend someone
People won't ... uncivil people's...
Lernen beginnen
to have sb's back
to do things you have said you would do, esp. while in power
He ........ and he expected his leaders to.
Lernen beginnen
to walk the talk
an early plan or design that explains how something might be achieved / a guide for making something / plan działania, model, projekt
Lernen beginnen
a blueprint

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