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Lernen beginnen
an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to
account manager
Account managers regularly contact customers to update them on new products and services.
Lernen beginnen
someone employed by a company to be responsible for one or more of its customers, especially someone in the banking or advertising industry:
Interest will accrue on the account at a rate of seven percent.
Lernen beginnen
to increase in number or amount over a period of time:
Lenders say they treat all applicants the same.
Lernen beginnen
someone who has applied to get something such as a loan or shares:
Lernen beginnen
to request something, usually officially, esp. by writing or by sending in a form:
The court approved the sale of the property.
Lernen beginnen
to accept, allow, or officially agree to something:
in arrears
About 180,000 homeowners were more than three months in arrears.
Lernen beginnen
owing money that should have been paid in the past:
The government has authorized the army to sell its surplus weapons.
Lernen beginnen
to give official permission for something to happen, or to give someone official permission to do something:
The company's success is reflected in its healthy bank balance.
Lernen beginnen
the amount of money you have in a bank account, or the amount of something that you have left after you have spent or used up the rest:
bank statement
You can read your bank statements online.
Lernen beginnen
a record of the money put into and removed from a bank account
bank transfer
Payment was in advance by bank transfer.
Lernen beginnen
the sending of money from one bank account to another, usually electronically
Lernen beginnen
a list of expenses to be paid, or the total amount of costs or expenses:
in the black
Lernen beginnen
earning more money than you spend:
Lernen beginnen
to take money from a bank or other financial organization and pay it back over a period of time:
Lernen beginnen
one of the offices or groups that form part of a large business organization:
Lernen beginnen
to decide that an organized event will not happen, or to stop an order for goods or services that you no longer want:
Is there a charge for children or do they go free?
Lernen beginnen
the amount of money that you have to pay for something, especially for an activity or service:
We have to invest in new technology if we are to remain competitive.
Lernen beginnen
are as good as or better than other prices, services, etc.
Take some foreign currency to cover incidentals like the taxi fare to your hotel.
Lernen beginnen
the money that is used in a particular country at a particular time:
The statement showed a debit of £350 on January 22.
Lernen beginnen
an amount of money that is taken out of a bank account
He managed to pay off his debts in two years.
Lernen beginnen
something, especially money, that is owed to someone else, or the state of owing something:
People who default on their mortgage repayments may have their home repossessed.
Lernen beginnen
to fail to do something, such as pay a debt, that you legally have to do
She made a large deposit last Thursday.
Lernen beginnen
an amount of money paid into an account:
Terms of the agreement were not disclosed
Lernen beginnen
to give information to the public that was not previously known:
Only people over 18 are eligible to vote.
Lernen beginnen
having the necessary qualities or satisfying the necessary conditions:
Please enclose a curriculum vitae with your application.
Lernen beginnen
to send something in the same envelope or parcel as something else:
Lernen beginnen
identity theft
Statistics show that millions of people are victims of identity theft each year.
Lernen beginnen
the crime of using someone's personal information in order to pretend to be them and to get money or goods in their name:
Lernen beginnen
money that is earned from doing work or received from investments:
Lernen beginnen
one of several parts into which a story, plan, or amount of money owed has been divided, so that each part happens or is paid at different times until the end or total is reached:

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