3A. Sounds and human voice

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Lernen beginnen
a bang
There was a loud bang that sounded like a gun.
Lernen beginnen
a buzz
I was kept awake by the buzz of mosquitoes.
pstryknąć, kliknąć
Lernen beginnen
to click
Just click on that icon to download the software.
Lernen beginnen
a crash
We heard the crash but didn’t see the accident.
Lernen beginnen
to creak
I felt nervous when I heard the floorboard creak.
chrzęst, skrzypienie
Lernen beginnen
a crunch
I heard the crunch of their feet walking through the crisp snow.
kapać, ciec
Lernen beginnen
to drip
If you don’t turn the tap off properly it’ll drip.
syk, syknięcie
Lernen beginnen
a hiss
The snake raised its head and gave an angry hiss.
Lernen beginnen
to hoot
Other drivers often hoot when I slow down for an amber light.
Lernen beginnen
to hum
I don’t remember the words but I can hum the tune.
zabrzęczeć, zastukać
Lernen beginnen
to rattle
Every time a lorry goes past, the windows rattle.
ryczeć, wyć
Lernen beginnen
to roar
I could hear the roar of the crowd inside the stadium.
pisk, wrzask
Lernen beginnen
a screech
I heard the screech of brakes and then silence.
trzasnąć, trzaskać
Lernen beginnen
to slam
Please don’t slam the door. Close it gently.
siorbnąć, siorbać
Lernen beginnen
to slurp
Don’t slurp your soup! Eat it quietly.
pociągać nosem
Lernen beginnen
to sniff
Don’t sniff! Get a handkerchief and blow your nose.
Lernen beginnen
to snore
I can’t sleep if I share a room with someone who snores.
Lernen beginnen
a splash
There was a splash as she jumped into the pool.
Lernen beginnen
to tap
When I’m nervous I often tap my fingers on the table.
Lernen beginnen
a tick
That clock has a very loud tick.
gwizd, gwizdek
Lernen beginnen
a whistle
Old-fashioned kettles give a whistle when the water boils.
Za każdym razem, gdy zrobię coś głupiego na lekcji, moi koledzy chichoczą.
Lernen beginnen
to giggle
When I told her the joke she giggled uncontrollably.
Jeremy jęknął z bólu, kiedy przewrócił się i złamał kostkę.
Lernen beginnen
to groan
Approaching the crash site, we heard a man groaning in pain.
Jarred był poirytowany, więc wymamrotał pod nosem coś obraźliwego.
Lernen beginnen
to mumble
Don’t mumble. The people at the back can’t hear you.
krzyknąć, wrzasnąć
Lernen beginnen
to scream
The children screamed in delight when the clown came on.
Lernen beginnen
to sigh
He sighed unsympathetically when I said I’d need time off.
Lernen beginnen
to sob
She took the news very badly and began to sob.
wyjąkać, jąkać się
Lernen beginnen
to stammer
He managed to stammer an embarrassed apology.
Lernen beginnen
to whisper
People were whispering about the scandal.
Wystraszyli się i uciekli krzycząc.
Lernen beginnen
to yell
Babies normally yell when they are given an injection.

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