8b Tourism (Vocabulary bank+ text)

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Lernen beginnen
attractive because of being unusual and especially old-fashioned
Lernen beginnen
improved because of many small changes that have been made; very polite and showing knowledge of social rules
Lernen beginnen
of cheap quality or in bad style
to meander
Lernen beginnen
to walk slowly without any clear direction
beach bum
Lernen beginnen
someone who spends most of his or her time having a good time on the beach
city slicker
Lernen beginnen
a person who lives in a city, and has no experience of or knowledge about living in the countryside
Lernen beginnen
a plant that grows in the sea
Lernen beginnen
the quality of being friendly and making people feel happy and welcome
go on about sth
Lernen beginnen
talk about something for a long time, often in a boring way
stand off from
Lernen beginnen
keep apart from
keep sb/ sth apart
Lernen beginnen
To ensure that two or more people or things remain physically separated.
renowned for
Lernen beginnen
soak up the atmosphere
Lernen beginnen
immerse in
off the beaten track
Lernen beginnen
Little-known or in a remote or lesser-known area, as of a place or business.
Lernen beginnen
beautiful because it has not been changed or damaged by people

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