Advanced verbs (50 )

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To alter
You shouldn’t feel the need to alter your appearance.
Lernen beginnen
to make somebody/something different
To amend
Would you mind amending those documents I’ve sent you.
Lernen beginnen
to change a law, document, statement, etc. slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it
statement - oświadczenie, stwierdzenie. slightly in order - lekko w ładzie, porządku.
To amplify
refuse - odmawiać. further - dalej, nadal.
She refused to amplify further.
Lernen beginnen
to add details to a story, statement, etc.
To balloon
employment - zatrudnienie, rate - tempo, częstotliwość, wskaźnik, skala.
Employment rates ballooned to go percent.
Lernen beginnen
to suddenly swell out or get bigger.
Employment rates ballooned to go percent.
. To blab
Someone must have blabbed to the police.
Lernen beginnen
to tell somebody information that should be kept secret
To brief
The officer briefed her on what to expect
Lernen beginnen
to give somebody information about something so that they are prepared to deal with it
To capture
the robbery was captured on film by the security cameras. t
Lernen beginnen
to film/record/paint, etc. somebody/something
To clasp
She clasped her hands together as she waited.
Lernen beginnen
to hold something tightly in your hand.
To clutch
I clutched onto his shoulder for support.
Lernen beginnen
to hold somebody/something tightly.
To collide
My partner and I often collide over political differences.
Lernen beginnen
to disagree strongly
To command
She commanded the release of the prisoners.
Lernen beginnen
to tell somebody to do something
To cower
whimper - jęczeć, płakać.
The dog whimpered and cowered at his feet.
Lernen beginnen
to bend low and/or move backwards because you are frightened.
bend - schylać się. backwards - do tyłu, w tył. frightened - przestraszony
To crave
I have always craved excitement.
Lernen beginnen
to have a very strong desire for something
desire - pragnienie, chęć.
To dash
I must dash - it was lovely to see you!
Lernen beginnen
to go somewhere very quickly.
To detect
The tests are designed to detect bacteria.
Lernen beginnen
to discover or notice something, especially something that is not easy to see, hear, etc
. To deviate
Let’s not deviate from the original idea.
Lernen beginnen
to do something in a different way from what is usual or expected; to be different from something
To discern
. I quickly discerned that something was wrong.
Lernen beginnen
to see or hear something, usually with difficulty.
To dismantle
in order to do sth - aby coś zrobić.
I had to dismantle the printer in order to repair it.
Lernen beginnen
to take apart a machine or structure so that it is in separate pieces.
take apart - rozkładać na części.
To eavesdrop
we caught her eavesdropping outside the window.
Lernen beginnen
to listen secretly to what other people are saying.
To escort
Let me escort you to your room.
Lernen beginnen
to go with somebody to protect or guard them or to show them the way.
To expose
Lernen beginnen
to tell the true facts about a person or a situation, and show them/it to be immoral, illegal, etc.
She was exposed as a liar and a fraud.
To gravitate
Lernen beginnen
to move towards somebody/something that you are attracted to.
Many young people gravitate towards London in search of work.
To gush
Lernen beginnen
to express so much praise or emotion about somebody/something that it does not seem sincere
Rachel is always gushing about how much she values Prue’s friendship.
To hover
Lernen beginnen
to wait somewhere, especially near somebody, in a uncertain or shy uncertain manner
He hovered over her, waiting for an answer.
To ignite
Lernen beginnen
to start to burn; to make something start to burn.
Tempers ignited when the redundancy packages were announced.
To intertwine
Lernen beginnen
to be or become very closely connected with somebody/something else.
Their political careers became very closely intertwined.
To lurk
Lernen beginnen
to wait somewhere secretly, especially because you are going to do something illegal or bad.
She saw someone lurking in the doorway and decided to leave.
To mimic
Lernen beginnen
to look or behave like someone/something else.
His behavior mimicked that of his mother.
To oppress
Lernen beginnen
to make somebody only able to think about sad or worrying things.
He was beginning to feel oppressed by his surroundings.
To peer
Lernen beginnen
to look closely or carefully at something, especially when you cannot see it properly.
He peered closely at the photograph.
To pinpoint
Lernen beginnen
to be able to give the exact reason for something or to describe something exactly.
. The report pinpointed the areas most in need of development.
To prune
Lernen beginnen
to make something smaller by removing parts; to cut out parts of something...
Please could you go through the report and prune out any unnecessary details
To recoil
Lernen beginnen
to move your body quickly away from somebody/something because you find them or it frightening or unpleasant.
. She recoiled in horror after he tried to kiss her.
To reverberate
Lernen beginnen
to have a strong effect on people for a long time or over a large area.
Repercussions of the case continue to reverberate through the financial world.
To saunter
Lernen beginnen
to walk in a slow relaxed way.
She sauntered down the corridor, looking as if she had all the time in the world.
to seize
Lernen beginnen
to take someone/something suddenly and using force.
He seized hold of my hand and led me to the exit.
To shatter
Lernen beginnen
to destroy something completely, especially someone’s hopes, dreams or expectations.
He shattered her confidence when he told her how he really felt about her singing voice.
. To shrivel
Lernen beginnen
– to become or make something dry and wrinkled as a result of heat, cold or being old.
The long bath had shriveled my fingers and toes.
To slump
Lernen beginnen
to fall in price, value, number, etc. suddenly and by a large amount
Profits have slumped by over 12% this quarter.
To struggle
Lernen beginnen
to try very hard to do something when it is difficult or when there are a lot of problems
I am really struggling to pay all my bills on time.
To stumble
Lernen beginnen
to walk or move in an unsteady way.
We stumbled around in the dark, trying to find the light switch.
To trim –
Lernen beginnen
to make something better, smaller, neater, etc., by cutting parts from it
Staff numbers have just been trimmed to 15.
to upstage
Lernen beginnen
to say or do something that makes people notice you more than the person that they should be interested in.
How dare you upstage me at my own wedding!
To wrestle
Lernen beginnen
– to struggle to deal with something that is difficult.
We wrestled for hours with the problem of which task to start first.
To yank
Lernen beginnen
to pull something/somebody hard, quickly and suddenly.
I yanked the door open and ran outside.
To yearn
Lernen beginnen
to want something very much, especially when it is very difficult to get
i’ve always yearned to escape from office life.
To zap
Lernen beginnen
to do something very fast.
I’ll zap through the report and get back to you in the morning.

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