Animals in Slovak

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zvieratá (r.
Lernen beginnen
pes (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
mačka (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
myš (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
králik (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
škrečok (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
kôň (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
prasa (r. s.)
Lernen beginnen
krava (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
vták (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
lev (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
tiger (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
had (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
žaba (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
krokodíl (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
žirafa (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
slon (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
papagáj (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
ryba (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
losos (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
tuniak (r. m.)
Lernen beginnen
kengura (r. ž.)
Lernen beginnen
cicavec (r. m.)

Study Animals in Slovak

Have you ever thought about speaking Slovak? So this is your chance! Let's get started with Animals and have a taste of this fascinating language! Maybe you do not even know what the exact spelling of Animals in Slovak, hm? You needn't worry! The answer is just in our lesson: through our flashcards, you will also have the possibility to learn or just improve your pronunciation, through our audio recordings! Do you still believe you will not ever need this? Are you totally sure? This is the awesome part about learning a foreign language! The secret is all about repetition: with our method, you will have the possibility to exercise what you learned in order to memorise it! Stop wasting your time on useless apps! Let's get started right now withAnimals in Slovak!

Reasons to master Slovak

There are many reasons to learn Slovak! Studying Slovak language will provide you with access to multiple books, movies or even memes, created in Slovak. Are you still not persuaded? What can I say? Look, probably you are not a lover of challenges ...! Speaking a new language is not so widespread. You could reach a respectable result "almost" alone! Do you think you can learn a new language with us? Give us (and give yourself) the possibility!

How to learn Slovak quickly

If you plan to master Slovak the crucial part is to widen your vocabulary in Slovak. Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the words in Slovak you did not know making you remember more in less time!

Learn Slovak fast and efficiently!

You hated taking Slovak classes? Your Slovak professor wasn't structured enough? Try flashcards with VocApp and study Slovak without a professor! Our flashcards will make studying simple and enjoyable!

Take a look at our other Slovak language lessons

Give us a chance and start with our lesson on Animals in Slovak! You are going to fall in love with it! Click on the link below and take a look at our Slovak language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Slovak language.

Flashcards will definitely make you easily build up your vocabulary and Slovak skills.

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