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set up
Lernen beginnen
start eg. business
broke up
Lernen beginnen
to end, to finish
put up
Lernen beginnen
stay somewhere for the night
Lernen beginnen
to refuse, to reject
bring down
Lernen beginnen
to cause to lose power
bring up
it's best if you don't mention the subject of mark's resignation, as it's a rather sensitive matter.
Lernen beginnen
to mention
broke down
The key witness lost control and started crying
Lernen beginnen
lost control
unable to control emotions
put somebody down
you shouldn't have made him look stupid in front of his friends no wonder he was upset.
Lernen beginnen
made look bad or silly
zrobic z kogoś debila
turn up
Could you increase the volume of the radio a bit - I can hardly hear what the newsreader's saying.
Lernen beginnen
to increase
set down
Students are expected to respect the collage rules as written down in the official handbook.
Lernen beginnen
written down usually rules
zapisane, usatanowione
to feel somone age
Lernen beginnen
be physically aware od your real age
old enough to know better
Lernen beginnen
be mature enought to know better
young at heart
Lernen beginnen
still feeling and behaving as you did when you were younger
the youth of today
Lernen beginnen
young people
doesn't look one's age
Lernen beginnen
to look younger
seemed as old as the hills
Lernen beginnen
extremely old
have an old head on young shoulders
Lernen beginnen
be more mature that is expected for somone so young
not getting any younger
Lernen beginnen
growing older
excel at smth
why doesn't want to excel at their professions?
Lernen beginnen
to perform especially well in something
stand out
we all want to stand out from the crowd in some way
Lernen beginnen
to project outward from something.
wyrózniać się
build upon
Lernen beginnen
be based on; of theories and claims

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