Chewing gum culture

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it is be a long, thin piece of something:
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sticks of dynamite, a stick of chewing gum
to behave according to the usual standards of behaviour that are expected by a group or society:
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At our school, you were required to conform, and there was no place for originality.
a thick, sticky substance that is produced by some trees and that becomes yellow and hard after it is collected, or any of various similar substances produced by a chemical process for use in industry:
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pine resin
the quality of something that can be decided by touch; the degree to which something is rough or smooth, or soft or hard:
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a smooth/rough/coarse texture
This artificial fabric has the texture of silk
an evergreen tree (= one that never loses its leaves) with leaves like needles, or the pale-coloured wood from this tree
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to put something in a safe place:
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You should lodge a copy of the letter with your solicitor.
to deal with an unpleasant or difficult situation:
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(= go for a walk even though it is snowing).
Let's brave the snow and go for a walk
to climb something such as a tree, using your hands and legs to move along quickly:
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Several of us shinned up lampposts so that we could see over the crowd.
a tall post with a light at the side of roads and in other public places
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the liquid that carries food to all parts of a plant:
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Maple syrup is obtained from the sap of the sugar maple tree.
a type of large tree that grows in northern areas of the world, or the wood of this tree:
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a maple leaf
(the way someone earns) the money people need to pay for food, a place to live, clothing, etc.:
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Many ship workers could lose their livelihoods because of falling orders for new ships.
a substance containing bacteria that forms on the surface of teeth
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the liquid produced in your mouth to keep the mouth wet and to help to prepare food to be digested
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syn. spit
if someone ... you. or you ... someone the person starts behaving with more energy and enthusiasm:
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pep up
The sight and smell of a rose will pep you up.
to become gradually damaged, worse, or less; to cause something to do this:
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Sugar makes your teeth decay.
to mix or combine together:
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Blend the ingredients into a smooth paste
a large plant with a rounded shape formed from many small branches growing either directly from the ground or from a hard stem, grown in gardens:
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She planted some roses and other flowering shrubs
a hollow container with a particular shape into which soft or liquid substances are poured, so that when the substance becomes hard it takes the shape of the container:
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a cake/jelly mould
to obtain or win something only with difficulty or great effort:
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eke out
The company expects to eke out a small profit this year.
(of amounts or numbers) very small or not enough:
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a meagre salary
shocking and very bad:
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appalling injuries
(of an unpleasant feeling or quality) to exist although it is not always noticeable:
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Danger lurks around every corner.
to exist in large numbers:
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Theories abound about how the universe began.

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