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Die Verwendung von VocApp398Tagen. Ich lerne von VocApp115Tage, einschließlich stetig seit0Tagen. Ich bin der Autor54Sets. Das letzte Mal war ich, Sie sehen können2020-09-11 06:32:14.

Meine Interessen

Englisch, Hebräisch

Meine Vokabelkarteien

The magic of laughter
A visit to the cinema, theatre
Planning a journey
The art of positive thinking
Too busy
In travel agency
My first journey abroad
My winter holidays
Summer holidays in the mountains
The British character
At the seaside
At the lake
American scientists and inventors
Holidays in the countryside
Holidays in the city
The internet
Computers in Poland
At a doctor’s office
At a doctor’s office 2
Before setting off on a journey by car
On the road
A healthy lifestyle
Easter in Britain
In a ladies’ clothes shop
Nuclear power
In a restaurant
Animal rights
In a small town, in a big city
Compulsory military service
Our contaminated world
Some ecological threats in Poland
Television (advantages, disadvantages)
Parents and children
Friendship and love
Career or family
Happiness, tiredness and well-being
Adoption, violence in the family
Books in our lives
The cost of fame
How to care for one’s health. Overweight and dieting
The choice of right profession, a successful interview for a job
Learning foreign languages
Without a job

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