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Die Verwendung von VocApp1076Tagen. Ich lerne von VocApp356Tage, einschließlich stetig seit0Tagen. Ich bin der Autor94Sets. Das letzte Mal war ich, Sie sehen können2020-10-06 09:20:26.

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angielski, Englisch, Latein

Meine Vokabelkarteien

Mass Media
The new movie
The football match
An anniversary trip
Service! Service! Service!
A taxi for two!
The move
The new student
What don't you like?
What am I?
Usually, sometimes, never
My family
Buying a flat
My new flat
A new class
Renting a flat
How much is that?
Buying a present
Waiting for Hal
In the pet shop
Cooking for beginners
Kitchen experiments
The cookie buisness
Counting the profits
You're invited!
A quick catch-up
What can you do?
A dream job?
The assignment
The Olympians
Fun with forensics
School dinners!
A date with Austria
Great news for Britain
Amna's new job!
Lend a helping hand
Networking at a party
The big win
The breakup
A new man
The supermodel
At work
What skills do you have?
Making appointments
How much?!
Generation gap
When we were young
Personal questions
A night to remember
Holiday plans
A trip to Barcelona
What's the weather like in Paris?
It must be Venice
Yoga versus paddleball
Getting fit
The burglary
Natural Phenomena
The exotistic giant
Climate change protest
The altruistic giants
The breakup
A new man
The supermodel
The psychic
And now the weather
How can I help you?
What skills do you have?
Making appointments
How much?!
The S-Factor
London transport
Culture shock
The definition of social groups
Mass Media
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