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the area where the nail plate cells are formed
Natural nail
Lernen beginnen
is the hard protective plate composed mainly of keratin
The same fibrous protein found in skin or hair. It is an appendage of the skin and is part of the integumentary system.
also known as onyx
Nail plate
Lernen beginnen
is a hardened keratin plate that sits on and covers the nail bed.
It is the most visavle and functional part of the nail unit
Free edge
Lernen beginnen
the part of the nail plate that extends over the tip of the finger or toe.
bed epithelium
Lernen beginnen
thin layer of tissue that attaches the nail llatr and the nail bed
Lernen beginnen
living skin at the base if the natural bail plate that covers the matrix area
Lernen beginnen
tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the bones or holds an organ in place
Lernen beginnen
Visible part of the matrix that extends from underneath the living skin it is the whiteish half moon shape at the base of the nail
Lernen beginnen
Area where the nail plate cells are formed; this area is composed of matrix cells that produce the nail plate
Nail cuticle
Lernen beginnen
Dead colorless tissue attached to the natural nail plate
Lernen beginnen
The fold of skin overlapping the side of the nail
Also known as lateral nail fold
Nail grooves
Lernen beginnen
slits or furrows on the sides of the side wall
Lernen beginnen
bitten nails
nail biting
Lernen beginnen
refers to split or brittle nails that have a series of lenghwise ridges giving a rough appearance to the surface of the nail plate
Plicatured nail
Lernen beginnen
is a type of highly curved nail plate usually caused by injury to the matrix, but ut may be inherited
folded nail
Lernen beginnen
vertical lines running down the length ov the natural nail plate that are caused by uneven growth of nails
usually the result of normal aging

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