English Common Adjectives

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markedly different from an accepted norm
When the financial director started screaming and throwing food at his co-workers; the police had to come in to deal with his aberrant behavior.
Lernen beginnen
difficult to understand; incomprehensible
Physics textbooks can seem so abstruse to the uninitiated that readers feel as though they are looking at hieroglyphics.
Lernen beginnen
harsh in tone
Most movie critics are acerbic towards summer blockbusters; often referring to them as garbage.
Lernen beginnen
refusing to change one's mind
Civil rights icon Rosa Parks will forever be remembered for adamantly refusing to give up her seat on a public bus--even after the bus driver insisted; she remained rooted in place.
Lernen beginnen
serving to warn; expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective
At the assembly; the high school vice-principal gave the students an admonitory speech; warning them of the many risks and dangers of prom night.
Lernen beginnen
concerned with the appreciation of beauty
The director; not known for his aesthetic sensibilities; decided not to use costumes at all; and put on the play in everyday clothing.
Lernen beginnen
open to more than one interpretation
"The coach told his team; ""Move towards that side of the field""; because he did not point; his directions were ambiguous; and the team had no idea to which side he was referring."
Lernen beginnen
mixed or conflicting emotions about something
Sam was ambivalent about studying for the exam because doing so ate up a lot of his time; yet he was able to improve his analytical skills.
Lernen beginnen
easily persuaded
Even though she did not like the outdoors; Shirley was generally amenable and so her brother was able to persuade her to go camping.
Lernen beginnen
His study plan for the GRE was at best amorphous; he would do questions from random pages in any one of seven test prep books.
Lernen beginnen
not normal
According to those who do not believe in climate change; the extreme weather over the last five years is simply anomalous--average temps should return to average; they believe.
Lernen beginnen
sharply contrasted in character or purpose
His deep emotional involvement with these ideas is; in fact; antithetical to the disattachment Buddhism preaches.
Lernen beginnen
marked by a lack of interest
Mr. Thompson was so talented at teaching math that even normally apathetic students took interest.
Lernen beginnen
being of questionable authenticity
The web is notorious for sandwiching apocryphal stories between actual news.
Lernen beginnen
based on a random; groundless decision
One of the arbitrary decrees in place during the emperor's rule is that all citizens pay him weekly homage at his palace. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
requiring secret or mysterious knowledge
Most college fraternities are known for arcane rituals that those hoping to the join the fraterntiy must learn.
Lernen beginnen
demanding considerable mental effort and skill; testing powers of endurance
In order to deal with the arduous cross-country journey; truck drivers often survive on a string of caffeinated drinks; staying awake for up to 30 hours at a time.
Lernen beginnen
clever in a cunning way
Bernie Madoff's artful Ponzi scheme stole billions of dollars from investors and is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.
Lernen beginnen
practicing self-denial
His ascetic life is the main reason he inspired so many followers; especially since he gave up wealth and power to live in poverty.
Lernen beginnen
willing to be bold in social situations or to take risks
As all of the other campers cowered in their tents; Bill; armed only with a flashlight; audaciously tracked down the bear that had raided their food.
Lernen beginnen
favorable; the opposite of sinister
Despite an auspicious beginning; Mike's road trip became a series of mishaps; and he was soon stranded and penniless; leaning against his wrecked automobile.
Lernen beginnen
harsh in manner of temperament
The principal of my elementary school was a cold; austere woman; I could never understand why she chose to work with children.
Lernen beginnen
excessively greedy
Since avaricious desire is similar to gluttony or lust--sins of excess--it was listed as one of the seven deadly sins by the Catholic church.
Lernen beginnen
repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
The professor used such banal expression that many students in the class either fell asleep from bordeom or stayed awake to complete his sentences and humor friends.
Lernen beginnen
characteristic of one eager to fight
Tom said that he was arguing the matter purely for philosophical reasons; but his belligerent tone indicated an underlying anger about the issue.
Lernen beginnen
without any attempt at concealment; completely
Allen was often punished in school for blatantly disrespecting teachers
Lernen beginnen
bold and without shame
"Their large ""donations"" to the local police department gave the drug cartel the brazen confidence to do their business out in the open."
Lernen beginnen
relating to the pleasant aspects of the country
The noble families of England once owned vast expanses of beautiful; bucolic land.
Lernen beginnen
lacking physical movement skills; especially with the hands
Within a week of starting; the bumbling new waiter was unceremoniously fired.
Lernen beginnen
determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
Nearly every month our capricious CEO had a new plan to turn the company around; and none of them worked because we never gave them the time they needed to succeed.
Lernen beginnen
to be in proportion or corresponding in degree or amount
The convicted felon's life sentence was commensurate to the heinousness of his crime.
Lernen beginnen
without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious
American basketball players are always conspicuous when they go abroad--not only are they American; but some are over seven feet tall.
Lernen beginnen
possible but not certain to occur
Whether the former world champions can win again this year is contingent upon none of its star players getting injured.
Lernen beginnen
in abundant supply
In midsummer; there are copious popiscle stands at the beach; in the winter; there are none.
Lernen beginnen
pathetically cowardly
Though the man could have at least alerted the police; he crouched cravenly in the corner as the old woman was mugged.
Lernen beginnen
mysterious or vague; usually intentionally
Since Sarah did not want her husband to guess the Christmas present she had bought him; she only answered cryptically when he would ask her questions about it.
It is incredible he remained decorous, when they started shouting at him.
Lernen beginnen
characterized by good taste in manners and conduct
Sally's parties are decorous affairs; and instead of the usual beer and music; there is tea and intellectual conversation.
Lernen beginnen
showing respect
If you ever have the chance to meet the president; stand up straight and be deferential.
Lernen beginnen
harmful to living things
The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was deleterious to the fishing industry in the southern states.
Lernen beginnen
(or a creative product; e.g. music; writing; etc.) not original but drawing on the work of another person
Because the movies were utterly derivative of other popular movies; they did well at the box office. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
expecting unquestioning obedience; characteristic of an absolute ruler
The coach was dictatorial in his approach
Lernen beginnen
instructive (especially excessively)
Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Illyich is a didactic novel; instructing the reader on how to live a good life.
Lernen beginnen
showing modest reserve; lacking self-confidence
As a young girl she was diffident and reserved; but now as an adult; she is confident and assertive.
Lernen beginnen
wasting time
Lawyers use dilatory tactics so that it takes years before the case is actually decided.
Lernen beginnen
discontented as toward authority
After watching his superior take rations from the soliders; he quickly became disaffected and rebeled.
Lernen beginnen
individually separate and distinct
What was once known as Czechoslovakia has since split into two discrete; independent nations.
Lernen beginnen
unbiased; neutral
The potential juror knew the defendant; and therefore could not serve on the jury; which must consist only of disinterested members.
Lernen beginnen
unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice
A good scientist should be dispassionate; focusing purely on what the evidence says; without personal attachment.
Lernen beginnen
highly opinionated; not accepting that your belief may not be correct
Bryan is dogmatic in his belief that the earth is flat; claiming that all pictures of a spherical earth are computer generated.
Lernen beginnen
comprised of a variety of styles
"Joey was known for his eclectic tastes in music; one moment dancing to disco the next ""air conducting"" along to Beethoven's 9th symphony."
Lernen beginnen
avoiding waste; efficient
Journalists favor an economical style of writing; in which no unnecessary words are used and every sentence is as short as possible.
Lernen beginnen
enlightening or uplifting so as to encourage intellectual or moral improvement
I recently read an article in the Times about whether good literature is edifying or not; specifically; does reading more make a person more moral.
Lernen beginnen
producing the intended result
Since Maggie's cough syrup; which had expired five years back; was no longer efficacious; she coughed through the night.
Lernen beginnen
standing out in negative way; shockingly bad
The dictator's abuse of human rights was so egregious that many world leaders asked that he be tried in an international court for genocide.
Lernen beginnen
standing above others in quality or position
Shakespeare is an eminent author in the English language; but I find his writing uninteresting and melodramatic.
Lernen beginnen
fixed firmly or securely
By the time we reach 60-years old; most of our habits are so entrenched that it is difficult for us to change.
Lernen beginnen
lasting a very short time
The lifespan of a mayfly is ephemeral; lasting from a few hours to a couple of days.
Lernen beginnen
confusing or ambiguous
The findings of the study were equivocal--the two researchers had different opinions on what the results signified.
Lernen beginnen
having or showing profound knowledge
Before the Internet; the library was typically were you would find erudite readers.
Lernen beginnen
intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest
Map collecting is an esoteric hobby to most; but to geography geeks it is a highly enjoyable pasttime.
Lernen beginnen
requiring and demanding accuracy
Though his childhood piano teacher was so exacting; Max is thankful now; as a professional pianist.
Lernen beginnen
the opposite of extinct
Despite many bookstores closing; experts predict that some form of book dealing will still be extant generations from now.
Lernen beginnen
of a belief that is based on faulty reasoning
The widespread belief that Eskimos have forty different words for snow is fallacious; based on one false report.
Lernen beginnen
overly concerned with details; fussy
Whitney is fastidious about her shoes; arranging them on a shelf in a specific order; each pair evenly spaced.
Lernen beginnen
marked by or showing hopelessness
After her third pet dog died; Marcia was simply forlorn: this time even the possibility of buying a new dog no longer held any joy.
Lernen beginnen
at ease in talking to others
As a husband; Larry was not forthcoming: if Jill didn't demand to know details; Larry would never share them with her.
Lernen beginnen
occurring by happy chance; having no cause or apparent cause
While the real objects are vastly different sizes in space; the sun and the moon seem to have the same fortuitous size in the sky.
Lernen beginnen
not serious in content or attitude or behavior
Compared to Juliet's passionate concern for human rights; Jake's non-stop concern about football seems somewhat frivolous.
Lernen beginnen
not spending much money (but spending wisely)
Monte was no miser; but was simply frugal; wisely spending the little that he earned.
Lernen beginnen
marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed
While at work; George and his boss Regina felt the need to be as furtive as possible about their romantic relationship.;
Lernen beginnen
full of trivial conversation
Lynne was garrulous: once; she had a fifteen minute conversation with a stranger before she realized the woman didn't speak English.
Lernen beginnen
lacking social polish; socially awkward
Sylvester says the most gauche things; such as telling a girl he liked that she was much prettier when she wore makeup.
Lernen beginnen
relevant and appropriate
The professor wanted to tell the jury in detail about his new book; but the lawyer said it wasn't germane to the charges in the cases.
Lernen beginnen
characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy
The gossamer wings of a butterfly; which allow it to fly; are also a curse; so delicate that they are often damaged.
Lernen beginnen
to be likely to socialize with others
Often we think that great leaders are those who are gregarious; always in the middle of a large group of people; yet; as Mahatma Gandhi and many others have shown us; leaders can also be introverted.
Lernen beginnen
free of deceit
At first I thought my niece was guileless; but I then found myself buying her ice cream every time we passed a shop.
Lernen beginnen
lacking significance through having been overused
"Cheryl rolled her eyes when she heard the lecturer's hackneyed advice to ""be true to yourself."""
Lernen beginnen
marked by great carelessness; dependent upon or characterized by chance
Many golf courses are designed with great care; but the greens on the county golf course seem entirely haphazard.
Lernen beginnen
troubled persistently especially with petty annoyances
With a team of new hires to train; Martha was constantly harried with little questions and could not focus on her projects.
Lernen beginnen
having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy
The haughty manager didn't believe that any of his subordinates could ever have an insight as brilliant his own.
Lernen beginnen
dominance over a certain area
Until the Spanish Armada was defeated in 1587; Spain had hegemony over the seas; controlling waters stretching as far as the Americas.
Lernen beginnen
defying tradition or convention
Jackson Pollack was an iconoclastic artist; totally breaking with tradition by splashing paint on a blank canvas.
Lernen beginnen
In the 1920s; the World Series was rigged--an ignoble act which baseball took decades to recover from.
Lernen beginnen
(used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame
Since the politician preached ethics and morality; his texting of revealing photographs was ignominious; bringing shame on both himself and his party.
Lernen beginnen
not able to be changed
Taxes are one of the immutable laws of the land; so there is no use arguing about paying them.
Lernen beginnen
free from undue bias or preconceived opinions
The judge was not impartial since he had been bribed by the witness's family.
Lernen beginnen
being disrespectful; improperly forward or bold
Dexter; distraught over losing his pet dachshund; Madeline; found the police officer's questions impertinent--after all; he thought; did she have to pry into such details as to what Madeline's favorite snack was?
Lernen beginnen
incapable of making less angry or hostile
Win or lose; the coach was always implacable; never giving the athletes an easy practice or a break.
Lernen beginnen
describing a statement that is not believable
The teacher found it implausible that the student was late to school because he had been kidnapped by outlaws on horseback.
Lernen beginnen
not wise
Hitler; like Napoleon; made the imprudent move of invading Russia in winter; suffering even more casualties than Napoleon had.
Lernen beginnen
improperly forward or bold
In an impudent move; the defendant spoke out of order to say terribly insulting things to the judge.
Lernen beginnen
having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions
The lawyer had an incisive mind; able in a flash to dissect a hopelessly tangled issue and isolate the essential laws at play.
Lernen beginnen
lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness
The vast economic inequality of modern society is incongruous with America's ideals.
Lernen beginnen
impervious to correction by punishment
Tom Sawyer seems like an incorrigible youth until Huck Finn enters the novel; even Sawyer can't match his fierce individual spirit.
Lernen beginnen
not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society
Eating with elbows on the table is considered indecorous in refined circles.
Lernen beginnen
impossible to stop or prevent
The rise of the computer was an inexorable shift in technology and culture.
Lernen beginnen
to be naïve and innocent
Two-years in Manhattan had changed Jenna from an ingenuous girl from the suburbs to a jaded urbanite; unlikely to fall for any ruse; regardless of how elaborate.
Lernen beginnen
hostile (usually describes conditions or environments)
Venus; with a surface temperature that would turn rubber to liquid; is inimical to any form of life.
Lernen beginnen
" harmless and doesn""t produce any ill effects"
Everyone found Nancy's banter innocuous--except for Mike; who felt like she was intentionally picking on him.
Lernen beginnen
not easily understood; unfathomable
His speech was so dense and confusing that many in the audience found it inscrutable.
Lernen beginnen
working in a subtle but destructive way
Plaque is insidious: we cannot see it; but each day it eats away at our enamel; causing cavities and other dental problems.
Lernen beginnen
rude and arrogant
Lilian could not help herself from being insolent; commenting that the Queen's shoes were showing too much toe.
Lernen beginnen
unwilling to change one's beliefs or course of action
Despite many calls for mercy; the judge remained intransigent; citing strict legal precedence.
Lernen beginnen
Captain Ahab was an intrepid captain whose reckless and fearless style ultimate leads to his downfall.
Lernen beginnen
He is an inveterate smoker and has told his family and friends that there is no way he will ever quit.
Lernen beginnen
complicated; and difficult to comprehend
The physics lecture became so involved that the undergraduate's eyes glazed over.
Lernen beginnen
incapable of being retracted or revoked
Once you enter your plea to the court; it is irrevocable so think carefully about what you will say.
Lernen beginnen
traveling from place to place to work
Doctors used to be itinerant; traveling between patients' homes.
For someone who has just broken up you look quite jovial.
Lernen beginnen
full of or showing high-spirited merriment
The political candidate and his supporters were jovial once it was clear that she had won.
Lernen beginnen
full of high-spirited delight because of triumph or success
My hardwork paid off; and I was jubilant to receive a perfect score on the GRE.
Lernen beginnen
one who says very few words
While Martha always swooned over the hunky; laconic types in romantic comedies; her boyfriends inevitably were very talkative--and not very hunky.
Lernen beginnen
not inclined towards physical exertion or effort; slow and relaxed
As the sun beat down and the temperature climbed higher; we spent a languid week lying around the house.
Lernen beginnen
worthy of high praise
To say that Gandhi's actions were laudable is the greatest understatement; he overthrew an empire without violence.
Lernen beginnen
noble and generous in spirit; especially towards a rival or someone less powerful
He was a great sportsman: in defeat he was complementary and in victory he was magnanimous.
Lernen beginnen
As a child she was quite maladroit; but as an adult; she has become an adept dancer. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
overly sentimental to the point that it is disgusting
The film was incredibly mawkish; introducing highly likeable characters only to have them succumb to a devastating illnesses by the end of the movie.
Lernen beginnen
(of a person) prone to unexpected and unpredictable changes in mood
The fact that Ella's moods were as mercurial as the weather was problematic for her relationships--it didn't help that she lived in Chicago.
Lernen beginnen
marked by extreme care in treatment of details
The Japanese noodle maker was meticulous in making his noodles and would never let another person take over the task.
Lernen beginnen
relating to the ordinary world
Though we think of the pope as someone always dealing in holy matters; he is also concerned with mundane events; such as deciding when to set his alarm each morning.
Lernen beginnen
very generous
Uncle Charley was known for his munificence; giving all seven of his nephews lavish Christmas presents each year.
Lernen beginnen
lacking foresight or imagination
The company ultimately went out of business because the myopic managers couldn't predict the changes in their industry. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
so small as to be meaningless; insignificant
The GRE tests cumulative knowledge; so if you cram the night before it is; at best; likely to only have a negligible impact on your score.
Lernen beginnen
known by only a few
Many of the biggest movie stars were once obscure actors who got only bit roles in long forgotten films. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner; attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
The obsequious waiter did not give the couple a moment's peace all through the meal; constantly returning to their table to refill their water glasses and to tell them what a handsome pair they made.
Lernen beginnen
not clearly understood or expressed
The meaning of the professor's new research was opaque to most people; so no one asked any questions. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
intended to attract notice and impress others; tawdry or vulgar
Matt wanted to buy stone lions for front of the house; but Cynthia convinced him that such a display would be too ostentatious for a modest house in an unassuming neighborhood.
Lernen beginnen
narrowly restricted in scope or outlook
"Jasmine was sad to admit it; but her fledgling relationship with Jacob did not work out because his culinary tastes were simply too parochial; ""After all;"" she quipped on her blog; ""he considered Chef Boyardee ethnic food."""
Lernen beginnen
extremely frugal; miserly
Katie is so parsimonious that she only buys a pair of socks if all of her other socks have holes in them.
Lernen beginnen
too worried about rules or details
Professor Thompson was regarded as an expert in his field, but his lectures were utterly pedantic; focused on rigorous details of the most trivial conventions in the field
Lernen beginnen
lacking imagination
While Nan was always engaged in philosophical speculation; her brother was occupied with far more pedestrian concerns: how to earn a salary and run a household. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
expressing disapproval (usu. refers to a term)
"Most psychologists object to the pejorative term ""shrink""; believing that they expand the human mind; not limit it. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE"
Lernen beginnen
exceedingly harmful; working or spreading in a hidden and injurious way
The most successful viruses are pernicious
Lernen beginnen
easily irritated or annoyed
When Ed first met Ruth; he didn't realize she was so petulant; but now that they are three months into their relationship; Ed feels a day doesn't go by in which she isn't whining about some minor issue.
Lernen beginnen
emotionally touching
After the Montagues and Capulets discover the dead bodies of Romeo and Juliet; in the play's most poignant moment; the two griefstricken familes agree to end their feud once and for all. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one f
Lernen beginnen
guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory
Rather than make a philosophical appeal to the Congressmen; the Speaker decided to take a far more pragmatic approach; making small side-deals that would add votes to his bill.
Lernen beginnen
done with very great haste and without due deliberation
"He was expecting a precipitous rise in the value of a ""hot"" tech stock; so he was disappointed when it only inched up a dollar or two each day."
Lernen beginnen
characterized by or characteristic of exceptionally early development or maturity (especially in mental aptitude)
Though only seven years old; she was a precocious chess prodigy; able to beat players twice her age.
Lernen beginnen
rashly or wastefully extravagant
Successful professional athletes who do not fall prey to prodigality seem to be the exception--most live decadent lives.
Lernen beginnen
so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe
"After the relatively small homerun totals in the ""dead ball"" era; Babe Ruth's homerun totals were truly prodigious: every year; he set a new all-time record."
Lernen beginnen
spending money recklessly or wastefully
Lernen beginnen
(of a plant, animal, or person) producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring; intellectually productive
Schubert was the most prolific composer; producing hundreds of hours of music before he died at the age of 31.
Lernen beginnen
presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success
The child's heartbeat is still weak; but I am seeing many propitious signs and I think that she may be healing.
Lernen beginnen
characteristic of the a limited perspective; not fashionable or sophisticated
Maggie's enthusiasm about her high school teams seemed provincial to her college classmates; all of whom were following a nationally ranked college team.
Lernen beginnen
to be legally competent or capable
If James had made more than $50;000 last year; then he wouldn't have qualified for the low-income scholarship.
Lernen beginnen
habitually complaining
The querulous old woman was begining to wear down even the happier members of the staff with her ceaseless complaining.
Lernen beginnen
found in the ordinary course of events
Phil gets so involved thinking about Aristotle's arguments that he totally forgets quotidian concerns; such as exercising and eating regularly.
Lernen beginnen
extremely hungry; devouring or craving food in great quantities
John didn't each much at all during the week he had the flu; so now that he is regaining his health; it's not surpring that he has a ravenous appetite.
Lernen beginnen
difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge
I found Ulysses recondite and never finished the book; waiting instead to read it with someone else so we could penetrate its meaning together.
Lernen beginnen
stubbornly resistant to authority or control
Used to studious high school students; Martha was unprepared for the refractory Kindgergarteners who neither sat still nor listened to a single word she said. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
Lernen beginnen
The crowd grew restive as the comedian's opening jokes fell flat.
Lernen beginnen
rising again as to new life and vigor
The team sank to fourth place in June; but is now resurgent and about to win the division.
Lernen beginnen
not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily
When asked about her father, Helen lost her outward enthusiasm and became rather reticent.
Lernen beginnen
feeling or showing profound respect or veneration
The professor could speak objectively about the other composers; but he always lectured about Brahms with a particularly reverent air; unable to offer a single criticism of his compositions.
Lernen beginnen
being in the earliest stages of development; being or involving basic facts or principles
I would love to be able to present a fully polished proposal to the board; but right now; our plans for the product are still in the most rudimentary stages.
Lernen beginnen
characteristic of rural life; awkwardly simple and provincial
The vacation cabin had no electricity and no indoor plumbing; but despite these inconveniences; Nigel adored its rustic charm.
Lernen beginnen
having a sense of right and wrong; principled
Everyone trusted what he said and followed his example because he was scrupulous and honest.
Lernen beginnen
inducing mental lethargy; sleep inducing
Although the professor is brilliant; his bland monotone gives his lectures a soporific effect.
Lernen beginnen
plausible but false
He made a career out of specious arguments and fictional lab results; but lost his job and reputation when his lies were exposed by an article in The New York Times.
Lernen beginnen
recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances
The signals were at first sporadic; but now we detect a clear; consistent pattern of electromagnetic radiation eminating from deep space.
Lernen beginnen
plausible but false
When listening to a politician speak; it is hard to distinguish the spurious claims from the authentic ones.
Lernen beginnen
firm and dependable especially in loyalty
No longer a staunch supporter of the movement; Todd now will openly question whether its goals are worthwhile.
Lernen beginnen
demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
Most of the students disliked the teacher because of his stringent homework policy; but many students would later thank him for demanding so much from them.
Lernen beginnen
in opposition to a civil authority or government
The ruling political party has begun a campaign to shut down subversive websites that it deems as a threat to "national safety."
Lernen beginnen
showing a brooding ill humor
Herbert took board games too seriously; often appearing sullen after losing.
Lernen beginnen
more than is needed; desired; or required
Everything in this closet is superfluous and can be given to charity.
Lernen beginnen
habitually reserved and uncommunicative
While the CEO enthusiastically shares his plans and agenda with all who will listen; the CFO is far more taciturn; rarely revealing his perspective.
Lernen beginnen
being essentially equal to something
In many situations; remaining silent is tantamount to admitting guilt; so speak to prove your innocence.
Lernen beginnen
moderated in effect
The wide-eyed optimism of her youth was now tempered after she had worked many years in the criminal justice system.
Lernen beginnen
stubbornly unyielding
Even the most tenacious advocates for gun ownership must admit some of the dangers that firearms present.
Lernen beginnen
timid by nature or revealing fear and nervousness
Since this was her first time debating on stage and before an audience; Di's voice was timorous and quiet for the first 10 minutes.
Lernen beginnen
marked by repeated turns and bends; not straightforward
Because the logic behind McMahon's side of the debate was so tortuous; his audience came out either completely confused or; worse; feeling they'd been tricked.
Lernen beginnen
readily reacting to suggestions and influences; easily managed (controlled or taught or molded)
Compared to middle school students; who have an untamed wildness about them; high school students are somewhat more tractable.
Lernen beginnen
lasting a very short time
The unpredictable and transient nature of deja vu makes it a very difficult phenomenon to study properly.
Lernen beginnen
dangerously unstable and unpredictable
The bridge built from twine and vine is treacherous to walk across; and so I think I will stay put right here.
Lernen beginnen
repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
Many style guides recommend not using idioms in writing because these trite expressions are uninteresting and show a lack of imagination on the part of the writer.
Lernen beginnen
to weaken (usually paired with an abstract term)
The student undermined the teacher's authority by questioning the teacher's judgment on numerous occasions.
Lernen beginnen
admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion
The President's first statement on the subject was vague and open to competing interpretations; so when he spoke to Congress about the same subject later; he was cafeful to make his position completely unequivocal.
Lernen beginnen
without scruples or principles
In the courtroom; the lawyer was unscrupulous; using every manner of deceit and manipulation to secure a victory for himself.
Lernen beginnen
marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions
While the other employees responded to the bad news in a measured way; Andrew responded in a vehement manner; tipping over his desk and shouting at the top of his lungs.
Lernen beginnen
While we elect our leaders in the hope that every word they speak will be veracious; history has shown that such a hope is naive.
Lernen beginnen
conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry
In giving Marcia a particular vociferous response; Paul caused people at every other table in the restaurant to turn around an look at them angrily.
Lernen beginnen
She did not think her vocabulary was wanting; yet there were so many words that inevitably she found a few she didn't know.
The winsome painting reminded me of my childhood days.
Lernen beginnen
charming in a childlike or naive way
She was winsome by nature; and many people were drawn to this free and playful spirit.

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