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class clown
Lernen beginnen
a pupil who frequently makes jokes or pokes fun
Every class has its class clown who makes jokes all the time.
to make a clown of yourself
Lernen beginnen
to make yourself appear foolish or stupid
I shouldn't have worn this costume, I made a clown of myself.
to be in the limelight
Lernen beginnen
to be the centre of attention
She would do anything to be in the limelight.
museum piece
Lernen beginnen
something that is very old-fashioned and should no longer be used
This is not a computer, it's a museum piece.
dog and pony show
Lernen beginnen
a show or other event that has been organized in order to get people's support or to persuade them to buy something
Every supermarket organizes a lot of dog and pony shows.
the show must go on
Lernen beginnen
something that we say which means that an event or activity must continue even if there are problems or difficulties
I don't like my work, but the show must go on, I have to earn my living.
to run the show
Lernen beginnen
to be in charge of an organization or an activity
It is a huge project, I wouldn't like to be the one who runs the show, there's a lot of responsibility.
show stopper
Lernen beginnen
an event that provokes such a strong reaction that it stops whatever's happening
His joke was a real show stopper, everybody just stared at him.
to sing your heart out
Lernen beginnen
to sing with vigour or intensity
No matter that she sang out of tune, she really sang her heart out.
Lernen beginnen
with lots of famous people
Every TV programme has its own star-studded event.
to steal the show
Lernen beginnen
to win the greatest praise and to be better than anyone else
Jenny always steals the show, wherever she goes.
to bring the house down
Lernen beginnen
to make everybody laugh
This comedy just brought the house down.
to be laughed out of court
Lernen beginnen
to make a fool of oneself
I was laughed out of court when I asked who Lady Gaga was.

What are idioms?

Idioms are an important part of English conversations. You will hear them very often, that's why it is important to learn them. The fact that they do not make sense literally is another reason to learn idioms. Learning different types of idioms will help you express yourself native-like and interesting. The clown idioms of this lesson will help you understand what are native speakers saying. Learn these clown idioms and other expressions with VocApp to understand how to use them and remember them forever!

Learn clown idioms

Entertainment idioms include different types of idioms: show idioms, music idioms, movie idioms and clown idioms. The lesson includes some of the funniest clown idioms. These clown idioms are common in simple conversations, cinema and music. You will often hear them watching your favourite American movies or TV. These clown idioms became so popular that you just can't learn English if you don't learn them as well! Here are some examples of clown idioms and entertainment idioms you will learn with our lesson:
  • 1. class clown
  • 2. show stopper
  • 3. to be in the timelight
  • 4. dog and pony show
  • 5. the show must go on
As you can see, you will learn the meaning of class clown and more idioms! It is a very popular clown idiom and a very useful one! To learn more clown idioms proceed to the lesson! Don't forget to repeat these entertainment idioms in order to remember them!

Want to learn more idioms?

Our users and linguists work on adding more and more English lessons and courses to the platform. If you want to learn more than just clown idioms, we advise you to take a look at the Transport idioms and Personality idioms lessons! You will discover many new idioms and enhance your English vocabulary in no time! There are also many professional English courses on our site! They will help your English vocabulary develop and grow! Learn English with VocApp to achieve great results!


Riffat er schrieb: 2010-09-30 23:03:02
Very nice work & helpful too.

ayaz kolachi er schrieb: 2010-10-15 13:58:21
those who feel rundown with english must go over this stuff to pull off succees whenevere they are drawn into a discussion.

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