Extremely Simplified Grammar - Ypatingai palengvinta gramatika

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female form
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There are four most common suffixes, indicating the female form of a word: "-a"; "-ja"; "-i"; and "-ė".
the alphabet
The letter "ž" does not have an equivalent sound in English language. It sounds like a more bold version of French letter "j".
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Lithuanian language consists of 24 Latin letters and 9 Lithuanian letters (ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž)
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The suffix "-(i)ai".
rapid -> greitas (n.); rapidly -> greitai (adv.)
future tense
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Most common suffix: "-s".
"It will happen eventually." -> "Tai galiausiai įvyks."
active voice
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Active voice is distinguished by four types: indicative (the basic one); indirect (sometimes called "participle speech"); imperative (english equivalent of "let's ___!"); and conditional (sentences with "if")
plural form
There are certain exceptions: i.e.: in some cases, the singular male form of "-us" in plural form changes to "-ūs"
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Common suffix: "-s".
present tense
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Most common suffixes: "-a"; "-ja"; "-o".
"It is happening." -> "Tai vyksta."; "She is singing." -> "Ji dainuoja."; "She is smoking." -> "Ji rūko."
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