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Lernen beginnen
All of the sudden
quickly and without warning (informal)
All of a sudden we heard a loud noise.
fiksować (na punkcie czegoś)
Lernen beginnen
to think about something too much and find it difficult to stop
High achievers sometimes fixate on their own flaws.
Lernen beginnen
relaxed and not worried, frightened, or excited
Try to stay calm- the doctor will be here soon.
Lernen beginnen
objects such as chairs, tables, and beds that you put into a room or building
antique furniture
załączać, przymocować
Lernen beginnen
to join or fix one thing to another / to add an attachment (= computer file) to an email message
She attached a photograph to her letter.
wspornik, przedział, nawias
Lernen beginnen
a piece of metal, wood, etc, that is fixed to a wall to support something, especially a shelf / a group of people whose ages, taxes, etc are between two limits
Most heart attack victims are in the 45-65 age bracket.
sporo czegoś (informal)
Lernen beginnen
a bunch of sth
a large amount or number of something
There's a whole bunch of places I'd like to visit.
półka na książki
Lernen beginnen
a piece of furniture with shelves for putting books on
wykiwano Cię
Lernen beginnen
you got screwed
Lernen beginnen
allowed by the law
He was going about his laqful business as a press photographer.
Lernen beginnen
whole or complete
She spent her entire life caring for other people.
Lernen beginnen
the feeling of not being certain about something, or not trusting someone or something
I have some doubts about his ability to do the job.
wątpić, niedowierzać
Lernen beginnen
to not believe someone or something
I doubt if/whether he'll win.
Lernen beginnen
rude and offensive words said to another person
I will not take this abuse.
Nie zniosę tych zniewag.
Lernen beginnen
I will not take this abuse.
zakładać (np. sytuację)
Lernen beginnen
to think that something is likely to be true, although you have no proof
[+ that ] Everything was quiet when I got home so I assumed that you had gone out.
wyrobiony, skomplikowany
Lernen beginnen
well-educated and having experience of the world or knowledge of culture / a sophisticated machine or system is very advanced and works in a clever way
a sophisticated computer system
optymistyczny (informal)
Lernen beginnen
positive and expecting a situation to be good or successful
He remains upbeat about the future.
dzielić (się)
Lernen beginnen
split (up)
to divide into smaller parts or groups, or to divide something into smaller parts or groups
The children split up into three groups.
wrażliwy, podatny
Lernen beginnen
easy to hurt or attack physically or emotionally
She was a vulnerable sixteen-year-old.
wrażliwość, podatność
Lernen beginnen
nie spać
Lernen beginnen
be/lie/stay, etc awake
to not be sleeping
The noise from the party kept me awake all night.
słowo ostrzeżenia / porady / podziękowania itp
Lernen beginnen
a word of warning/advice/thanks, etc
something that you say to warn someone/give them advice/thank them, etc
Just a word of warning - he doesn't like people being late.
poza tym
Lernen beginnen
except for what has just been referred to
She hurt her arm in the accident, but otherwise she was fine.
mieć problemy z czymś
Lernen beginnen
have issues with sth
to often be sad, anxious, or angry because of something
A very high proportion of women diet frequently and have issues with their bodies.
wykładzina podłogowa
Lernen beginnen
thick material for covering floors, often made of wool
a new living room carpet
skończyć coś lub z czymś (informal)
Lernen beginnen
be through with sth
to have finished using something or doing something
Let me know when you're through with the iron.
zerwać z kimś, rozstać się z kimś (informal)
Lernen beginnen
be through with sb
to not have a relationship with someone any more
jeśli chodzi o kogoś / coś
Lernen beginnen
as far as sb/sth is concerned
used to show what someone thinks about something / used to tell someone what you are talking about
As far as our customers are concerned, price is the main consideration. / As far as college is concerned, everything is fine.
Lernen beginnen
used to say that you have read or been told something although you are not certain it is true
Apparently it's going to rain today.
zapewne, przypuszczalnie
Lernen beginnen
used to say what you think is the likely situation
Presumably he just forgot to send the letter.
Lernen beginnen
It's likely that he'll say no.
Lernen beginnen
pleasantly fat
the baby's chubby legs
ludzie (informal)
Lernen beginnen
czyiś rodzice (informal)
Lernen beginnen
sb's folks
someone's parents
We always spend Christmas with my folks.
na przykład
Lernen beginnen
for instance
for example
Many teenagers earn money, for instance by babysitting or cleaning cars.
Lernen beginnen
brown skin from being in the sun
przechylać (się)
Lernen beginnen
to move into a position where one end or side is higher than the other, or to make something move into this position
He tilted backwards on his chair.
być wzruszonym?
Lernen beginnen
be welling up

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