Introducing yourself, jobs, roles and responsibilities (Inżynier Budownictwa 04/2018)

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kierownik budowy
Lernen beginnen
site manager
Hi everyone, good to see you. My name is George and I'm the site manager. I'm in charge of this site. I want you to get to know each other, so could you please say your name and job?
dotrzymywać harmonogramu
Lernen beginnen
to stay on schedule
My task is to make sure that things stay on schedule and within the budget, and that all of you do your job.
zamknąć się w budżecie
Lernen beginnen
to stay within budget
My task is to make sure that things stay on schedule and within the budget, and that all of you do your job.
Lernen beginnen
I am also responsible for coordinating suppliers of building materials and equipment.
robotnik, pracownik fizyczny
Lernen beginnen
labourer/(manual) worker
J: Hi, I'm John. Labourer. P: Hello, I'm Pierre, from France. I'm labourer too.
Lernen beginnen
Good morning. I'm Adam. I, m from Poland. I'm an electrician by trade.
Lernen beginnen
A: And this is my apprentice. I look after him and train him. K: Hi I'm Karol Kraszewski and I also come from Poland. I learn on the job.
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Lernen beginnen
kierownik robót
Lernen beginnen
project manager
Lernen beginnen
security guard
I'm security guard. I control access to the site.
Lernen beginnen
land surveyor
operator ciężkiego sprzętu (np. operator dźwigu)
Lernen beginnen
heavy equipment operator (e.g. crane operator)
cieśla, stolarz
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
specjalista od ogrzewania, wentylacji i klimatyzacji
Lernen beginnen
HVAC technician [HVAC = Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning]
Lernen beginnen
He also deals with subcontractors, liaises with suppliers and discusses the details with the client.
pracujący na własny rachunek
Lernen beginnen
generalny wykonawca
Lernen beginnen
general contractor
Well, what else shall I tell you? Soon I will also introduce our general contractor, Mr Smith to you. His role is to make sure we have the suport we need for materials and equipment.
współpracować z
Lernen beginnen
to liaise with
inspektor nadzoru
Lernen beginnen
building/site inspector
G: Is he on the site today? T: Yes, he's over there talking to a building inspector.
Jak się nazywasz?
Lernen beginnen
What's your name?
Nazywam się...
Lernen beginnen
I'm... / My name is...
Czym się zajmujesz?
Lernen beginnen
What do you do (for a living)?
Thomas, it's just you left. What do you do?
Jestem (np. elektrykiem)
Lernen beginnen
I am a(n) (e.g. electrician)
Skąd jesteś?
Lernen beginnen
Where are you from?
Jestem z...
Lernen beginnen
I'm from... / I come from...
Miło cię poznać.
Lernen beginnen
Pleased to meet you.
Odpowiadam za...
Lernen beginnen
I'm in charge of...
Jestem odpowiedzialny za...
Lernen beginnen
I'm responsible for...
Czy możesz przeliterować swoje imię / nazwisko?
Lernen beginnen
Can you spell your first / last name?
P: Could you spell your last name? K: Sure, that's K-R-A-S-Z-E-W-S-K-I. P: Thank you.
Pracuję na własny rachunek.
Lernen beginnen
I'm self-employed.
Jaki jest twój numer telefonu?
Lernen beginnen
What’s your telephone number?
G: IfI am not on the site and you need help with something urgent, you can call me. A: What's your telephone numer? G: It's 669 887 236. Let me write it down on the board. Well, what else shall I tell you?
Czy jest dzisiaj na budowie?
Lernen beginnen
Is on a site today?
T: Oh, I forgot to tell you that Mr Smith was looking for you in the morning before our meeting. G: Is he on the site today?
szkolenie BHP (Bezpieczeństwo i higiena pracy)
Lernen beginnen
OHS (Occupational health and safety) training
OK, thank you. Oh, it's already 11 o, clock. Let's have a 15-minute break then. I'll check what Mr Smith wants from me. Once I'm back, we'll plan the works for today. We'll also talk about OHS regulations. These we'll also discuss each time we start work.
zgłaszać wypadek (zdarzenie)
Lernen beginnen
report an accident (issue)
G: Any questions? K: Everything is clear. G: Great! You should report all the issues directly to me. In general, I'm on site from 7 am every day so you can find me here.

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