Lost dogs and lonely hearts 1

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medium or average; neither very good nor very bad:
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a man of about middling height. a middling performance
a movement or set of movements needing skill and care:
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Reversing round a corner is one of the manoeuvres you are required to perform in a driving test.
a long, thin mark that is easily noticed because it is very different from the area surrounding it:
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I dye my hair to hide my grey streaks.
to be very noticeable:
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stand out
The black lettering really stands out on that orange background.
used to express anger or to emphasize what you are saying in a slightly rude way:
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I've had a bloody awful week.
to suddenly end a romantic relationship you have been having with someone:
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If he's so awful, why don't you just dump him?
to tell a story, either to deceive someone or for entertainment:
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spin a story
spin (sb) a story/tale/yarn
He spun some tale about needing to take time off work because his mother was ill.
to wish very strongly, especially for something that you cannot have or something that is very difficult to have:
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Despite his great commercial success he still yearns for critical approval.
a small pool of liquid on the ground, especially from rain
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You have to step around the puddles in the street after a rain shower.
a type of lawyer in Britain and Australia who is trained to prepare cases and give advice on legal subjects and can represent people in lower courts:
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a firm of solicitors
money or objects that someone gives you when they die:
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The large inheritance from his aunt meant that he could buy his own boat
large in size, value, or importance:
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The findings show a substantial difference between the opinions of men and women.
something that you own such as shares in a company or buildings, or land that you rent and farm:
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To ensure security the investment fund has holdings in many companies.
gradually becoming smaller in size or amount, or fewer in number:
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She is one of a dwindling number of people who was alive in 1918.
the period just before it becomes completely dark in the evening:
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I could make out a dark figure in the twilight.
a particular position or job:
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She guides tourists at the Martin Luther King Jr. Birth Home in her capacity as a National Park Service ranger.
someone who makes sure that things are done according to a dead person's will (= a document in which someone says who should have their money or property after they die):
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She died recently and I am an executor of her will.
being one only; single:
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The sole survivor of the accident was found in the water after six hours.
a person or group who receives money, advantages, etc. as a result of something else:
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Her wife was the chief beneficiary of her will.
to have things or people as parts or members; to consist of:
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The course comprises a class book, a practice book, and a CD.

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