Lost dogs and lonely hearts 6

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consisting of various types mixed together:
Lernen beginnen
a case of assorted wines
free to do what you like and go where you like because you have no responsibilities:
Lernen beginnen
footloose and fancy-free
My sister's married but I'm still footloose and fancy-free.
to make someone angry:
Lernen beginnen
Don't let her rile you.
very loud and uncontrolled, and full of energy:
Lernen beginnen
We went to a riotous party and danced all night.
a feeling of anger and shock:
Lernen beginnen
These murders have provoked outrage across the country.
an amount of money that has been saved or kept for a special purpose:
Lernen beginnen
nest egg
Regular investment of small amounts of money is an excellent way of building a nest egg.
to be extremely kind, generous, etc.:
Lernen beginnen
be generous to a fault
be kind, generous, etc. to a fault
She's a really sweet person and she's generous to a fault.
determined in character, action, or ideas:
Lernen beginnen
She's utterly resolute in her refusal to apologize.
to confuse someone:
Lernen beginnen
The instructions completely bewildered me
to force someone to accept something, especially a belief or way of living:
Lernen beginnen
I don't want them to impose their religious beliefs on my children.
an angry and offended mood:
Lernen beginnen
She's in a real huff because I forgot her birthday
the cost or process of keeping something, such as a building, in good condition:
Lernen beginnen
The upkeep of larger old properties is very expensive
to be extremely busy:
Lernen beginnen
be run off your feet
be run/rushed off your feet
Business was booming, and everyone in the office was run off their feet.
a deep, narrow mark made in soft ground especially by a wheel
Lernen beginnen
kolej albo ruja
During the rut, stags can be seen fighting for females.
to think carefully about the advantages or disadvantages of a situation before making a decision:
phrasal verb
Lernen beginnen
weight up
I'm weighing up my options before I decide to apply for the job.
a soldier who guards a place, usually by standing at its entrance:
Lernen beginnen
My squad were on sentry duty last night.
to (cause to) move into a sloping position:
Lernen beginnen
He tilted his chair backwards and put his feet up on his desk.
to fall or drop heavily:
p. verb
Lernen beginnen
flop down
When she gets home from school, she's so tired all she can do is flop down in front of the television.
If you ... your ears, or if your ears ..., you suddenly begin to listen very carefully because you have heard something interesting:
Lernen beginnen
prick up
I overheard them mentioning my name and pricked up my ears.
a small mark or spot:
Lernen beginnen
I got a few flecks of paint on the window.
a sudden and great increase:
Lernen beginnen
An unexpected surge in electrical power caused the computer to crash.
If part of your body ..., it feels as if a lot of sharp points are touching it because you are frightened or excited:
Lernen beginnen
Turner started to be worried and felt the back of his neck prickle.
in a disappointed or unhappy way:
Lernen beginnen
"I'll never find another job at my age," she said glumly.
to buy a large quantity of something:
Lernen beginnen
stock up
During the emergency, people stocked up on essential items
an expression of strong feeling that is difficult to control:
Lernen beginnen
His death at the age of 35 has occasioned an outpouring of grief.
a... sound is quiet or not clear:
Lernen beginnen
I could hear muffled voices next door but couldn't make out any words.
to breathe quickly and loudly through your mouth, usually because you have been doing something very energetic:
Lernen beginnen
Matteo arrived at the top of the hill, panting and covered in sweat.

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