Megatest 2, lekcje 1-9

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Frage English Antworten English
What colour’s this pencil?
Lernen beginnen
This pencil’s black
Are you Mr. Paweł
Lernen beginnen
No I am not Mr. Paweł, I am Laura
Are you putting the book on the floor
Lernen beginnen
No I am not putting the book on the floor, I am taking the book from the table
Which your friend is from Krakow
Lernen beginnen
Jagoda is from Krakow
Are they standing behind the house? (Fita and Rudy)
Lernen beginnen
no, they aren't standing behind the house.
What colour are those chairs?
Lernen beginnen
Those chairs are brown
Tell me the name of 3 of your clothes
Lernen beginnen
The name of 3 of my clothes are: trousers, socks, shirts
Which letter is between "A" and "C"
Lernen beginnen
"B" is between "A" and "C"
Are there a hundred pictures in this room?
Lernen beginnen
No, there aren’t a hundred pictures in this room
How many horses are there in your garden
Lernen beginnen
they are Ziro horses in my garden
Are you coming from the window?
Lernen beginnen
No, I'm not coming from the window, I am going to the kitchen
Wht's the meaning of the word "table"?
Lernen beginnen
The meaning of the word "table" is "stół"
What does the word "table" mean?
Lernen beginnen
The word "table" means "stół"
Tell me the names of the 3 parts of your head
Lernen beginnen
The 3 parts of my head are: face, mouth and nose
Have you got two ears?
Lernen beginnen
Yes I have got two ears

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