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bezzałogowy, bezobsługowy (w sensie samoobsługowy)
Lernen beginnen
makaron, kluski
Lernen beginnen
to initiate the action of (something); begin
Lernen beginnen
lead off
A trio of international headlines lead off our show and a new week
suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at. (mention)
wspomnieć, napomknąć
Lernen beginnen
to continue to exist
Lernen beginnen
The meeting lasted two hours
uczony/naukowiec (scholar/scientist)
Lernen beginnen
someone who is very experienced and skilled in a particular area of activity
Lernen beginnen
an old hand
We should be able to trust Silva to negotiate a good deal for us - he's an old hand at the game
When a situation plays out, it happens and develops
rozwija się (o sytuacji, akcji)
Lernen beginnen
play out
The debate will play out in the media over the next week or two.
learn thoroughly or learn well
opanować, poznać
Lernen beginnen
Rob hopes to master Spanish before he starts a new job in Madrid.
to (cause to) lose colour, brightness, or strength gradually
znikać, blaknąć
Lernen beginnen
fade away - zanikać
The sun had faded the blue walls.
Z całą powagą
Lernen beginnen
In all seriousness
send unspoken information
Lernen beginnen
give off
niedoceniać, lekceważyć
Lernen beginnen
not to take someone seriously
Lernen beginnen
to mess with someone
Well I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with you! Judging by the messages you’re giving off.
You might say it to someone to suggest that they should learn the bad effects of doing something and not repeat it in the future
Lernen beginnen
that'll teach you
You lent some money to Dan and he didn't pay you back – that'll teach you!
to stop being involved in an activity
Lernen beginnen
pull out
Lack of funding leaves us with no choice but to pull out.
pęknięcie, rozpadlina
Lernen beginnen
This crack in the earth recently opened up on a farm in New Zealand
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
to make something more certain or less likely to change
Lernen beginnen
firm sth up
Could we have a meeting so we can firm up the details of our agreement?
uspokój się!
Lernen beginnen
calm down!
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
(informal) to start working hard, especially after a period of low activity
Lernen beginnen
pull/get your finger out
do it more quickly
Lernen beginnen
get a move on
drut kolczasty
Lernen beginnen
barbed wire
to connect a piece of electrical equipment to something else, or to connect the wires inside it so that it works
Lernen beginnen
wire sth up
Even people living in remote areas are now wired up to the internet.
to complete something
Lernen beginnen
round out sth
the work of a CNN Hero round out our coverage
ropa naftowa (surowa)
Lernen beginnen
crude oil
to move or climb quickly but with difficulty, often using your hands to help you:
Lernen beginnen
We scrambled up the hill.
Something that is insignificant or trivial, meaning not important, can also be described as '...'.
Lernen beginnen
small change
I've only got a cold so my health problems are small change compared with your broken leg. Eating out every night is small change to Molly – she can afford it with the huge salary she's on.
meaning to extract or drain all of someone's money
Lernen beginnen
Bleed someone dry
This divorce has bled me dry – I can't even afford to go on holiday now.
na koszt firmy
Lernen beginnen
on the house
śmieć, rupieć
Lernen beginnen
not working correctly
Lernen beginnen
on the blink
the situation is going well
jestesmy na dobrej drodze
Lernen beginnen
cooking on gas
So we're 'cooking on gas' then! I'll go and give the customer the good news.
(informal) If a machine '...', it stops operating:
Lernen beginnen
pack up
I know when a cooker has packed up
(of a machine, etc.) to be in such a bad condition that it is not useful or (of a person, team, etc.) to be doing so badly that they are certain to fail:
Lernen beginnen
have had it
I think this computer's had it. Liverpool have had it for this season.
Lernen beginnen
vote, poll
to allow someone to escape from a difficult situation or to avoid doing something that they do not want to do
Lernen beginnen
get/let sb off the hook
If something blows your mind, you find it very exciting and unusual
"powala mnie"
Lernen beginnen
blow sb mind
There was one scene in the film that really blew my mind.
to act together secretly or illegally in order to deceive or cheat someone:
zmówić sie, spiskować
Lernen beginnen
It was suspected that the police had colluded with the witnesses.

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