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invitar a la casa. -- (Askear alguien Alrededor). to visit to someone.
Why don't you ask her around to my place after work?. ------ ASK AROUND.
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(ASK someone AROUND. (UK). ---- means traveling; visiting a place.
I asked Mary around to watch a movie, but she was busy... Let's ask them round for a meal next week. ------ ASK AROUND.
Cambiar de lugar, reodenar. -- (Changear Alrededor). to move objects such as furniture into different positions.
The room looks very different since you've changed the furniture around. ------- CHANGE AROUND
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CHANGE AROUND. ---- to change something in many different parts or areas.
How often do you change furniture around your house?. ------- CHANGE AROUND.
Venir de visita. -- (Venir Alrededor). to visit to someone.
Come round tonight and we'll watch a video... Would you like to come round on Saturday?. We'll be in all day. ------- COME AROUND.
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COME ROUND/COME AROUND. ---- visiting a place.
Come round tonight and we'll have a beer and a pizza. Would you like to come round on Saturday?. We'll be in all day. ------- COME AROUND.
Hurgar, rebusquetear, buscar bien por todos lados. --- (Alrededor Rut). to search for something by putting your hand deep into a place and pushing things around.
She rooted around in her purse to find her keys... Ceci was rooting around in her drawer for a lipstick. ------ ROOT AROUND.
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ROOT AROUND. ---- Means searching, looking, or trying to find something carefully in many different places.
Kaz was rooting around in my bag for a pen and Quito said, I think I'll root around for some leftovers in the fridge. ------ ROOT AROUND.
Merodear, asechar, skolkear alrededor, rondar. to move or hide in a secret way especially because you are planning to do something bad.
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Olmedo said, I think someone was SKULKING around outside my shop tonight. ------- to SKULK.
Olfatear. (AlrededorSnif)). to smell (something or someone) by putting your nose close to it and taking air in through your nose in short breaths.
She held the flower up to his nose and sniffed. ------ to SNIFF.
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They were SNIFFING around to see if they could find anything. ------- to SNIFF.
She put perfume on her wrist and sniffed it. The dog sniffed the carpet. ------- to SNIFF.
Erik took his car to a LOCAL GARAGE to have the oil changed.-------- LOCAL GARAGE.
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Taller mecanico o lote de carros. a place that repairs or sells cars.
Vagabundear de paseo, caminar de paseo. -- Alrededor Wandear)... vagabundear. to travel from place to place, especially on foot, without a particular direction or purpose.
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WANDER AROUND. ---- I love just wandering around London when the shops are open. ------ WANDER AROUND.
Perder el tiempo, hangear alrededor, hacer a alguien perder el tiempo, enganar. do nothing, to wander or to fool someone.
She hangs around with a boy who lives up the street. --- HANG AROUND.
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HANG AROUND. ---- Perder el tiempo to waste time doing nothing.
Those teenagers just hang around the mall with nothing to do. ---- HANG AROUND.
Dar largas, dar evasivas, (Givear Alguien el correr alrededor). s. avoid taking action by giving long explanations.
When I tried to return my broken chainsaw, the store manager gave me the runaround... When I asked about the money she gave me the runaround.-------- GET or GIVE someone the RUNAROUND.
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GET or GIVE someone the RUNAROUND.
I'm tired of getting the runaround from your customer representatives... When I tried to return my broken air conditioner, the store manager gave me the runaround. -------- GET or GIVE someone the RUNAROUND.
Viajar y visitar muchos lugares y a mucha gente. often visit a lot of places and meet a lot of people.
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GET AROUND. --- moving; here and there, traveling, visiting.
Don hermilo seems to know everybody; he really gets around. ------ GET AROUND.
Finalmente ponerse a hacer algo. (getear alrededor tu). finally make the effort to do something.
We must get around to cleaning those windows. ------- GET AROUND TO.
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GET AROUND TO. ---- to set about something or find a way of dealing with a problem or of avoiding it.
One day I will get around to cleaning out my files. I meant to call you, but somehow I never got around to it...------- GET AROUND TO.
Juntarse con. -- (Angear Alrededor Con alguien). often be with someone...
I got into drugs because I was hanging around with the wrong people. ----- HANG AROUND WITH someone.
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HANG AROUND WITH someone. ---- AROUND means to spend time with someone.
Augusto hangs around with a girl who lives up the street. ----- HANG AROUND WITH someone
Echar raices. to grow roots, or to make a plant grow roots.
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I planted the rose bush in the garden last week and it seems to have rooted well. ---- to ROOT.
The plants had difficulty rooting in the poor soil. ---- to ROOT.
Originarse, tener origen, estar originado.
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Petra's fear of flying is rooted in a traumatic childhood experience. ---- to ROOT.
SWIVEL AROUND/ROUND. ---- to turn around, making someone or something to change.
She swivelled round and glared angrily at him. Helen swivelled her chair around to get a better look... Kris swivelled his head to see who had entered the room. ----- SWIVEL AROUND/ROUND.
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Voltear, girar, virar. --- (Suivol Alrededor). to spin, to turn around.
He swiveled around to see who was calling him... SShe swiveled the chair around to face us. ----- SWIVEL AROUND/ROUND.

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