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A la vuelta de. (Alrededor). on another side of.
Their house is just around the bend.---- Around
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Vicente’s farm is just AROUND the bend.---- AROUND.
Their ranch is just around the bend.---- Around
Curva. a curve in a road, river etc.
Be careful of the sharp bend ahead.---- BEND.
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Antonio’s farm is just around the BEND.---- BEND.
Their farm is just around the bend.---- BEND.
Curvear, hacerse curva, cuervearse. if a road, river etc bends, it changes direction in the shape of a curve.
The road bends just before you pass the bridge. ---- to BEND.
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Take the first road to the right after the road bends to the left. ---- to BEND.
The river bends sharply just before you enter the wood. ---- to BEND.
en la parte de atraz, por la parte de atraz. (BAKA ARAUND). at the back of a building.
Go around back to pick up your merchandise. ---- around back
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around back.
Go around back to pick up your drywall... Go around back to pick up your drywall. ---- around back.
Oh man, I am so busy, I think I am going around the bend........ GO AROUND THE BEND. ------ to drive someone nuts, to drive someone crazy.
It might drive her around the bend when she hears that her son's in trouble again. ----- go around the bend.
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volverse loco. ---- (ir alrededor de la curva). to become crazy. be/go out of your mind, lose the plot, take leave of your senses.
Mean says, I’ll going around the bend with boredom if I have to stay in this job. ----- go around the bend.
We skiped around the block. ---- AROUND.
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Alrededor de. following a boundary, in a circular direction.
Saltar. brincotear en una pata. -- to move forwards by jumping first on one foot and then the other.
The little girl SKIPPED happily down the street. The kids skipped happily down the park. ---- to SKIP.
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We SKIPPED around the house. ---- to SKIP.
She watched her little granddaughter skip down the path. The lambs were skipping about in the field. ---- to SKIP.
Eje. the imaginary straight line that something (such as the Earth) turns around.
The earth whirls around on its AXIS as it travels around the sun. ---- AXIS.
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The earth rotates on its AXIS. ---- AXIS.
The Earth's axis of rotation... The spin of the Earth on its axis. ---- AXIS.
Por todas partes. (AROUND ALL). in all areas of.
There is crime all around this city. ---- All around.
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All around.
People were screaming all around me.---- All around.
Maltratar. --- (Patear alguien Alrededor). mistreat someone by controlling him or her.
He gets kicked around by his older brother. ------- KICK somebody AROUND.
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KICK somebody AROUND. --- to mistreat someone.
Little Jose said he left the job because Olmedo was always kicked him around. ------- KICK somebody AROUND.
Considerar. -- (Patear algo Alrededor). the pros and cons of an idea.
We should have a meeting to kick around some ideas about possible new products. ------- KICK something AROUND.
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Edgar said, we are kicking around the idea of moving to Texas. ------- KICK something AROUND.
We are kicking around the idea of moving to Florida. ------- KICK something AROUND.
Andar vagando, vagar, andar vagando. -- (Patear Alrededor). to spend time in (a place) without having a goal or purpose: to wander around (a place).
Two friends and I decided to kick around the Long beach area for a few days. ------- KICK AROUND.
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KICK AROUND. ------- to wander around, to hang around.
After graduation, he kicked around Boston for a while, trying to decide what to do next. ------- KICK AROUND.
Gatear. (CRAUL). to move on your hands and knees.
The baby crawled across the floor toward her mother... She crawled across the floor, her eyes stinging from the smoke. They crawled through the tunnel. -------- to CRAWL.
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Keep all windows closed if you baby is CRAWLING around. -------- to CRAWL.
Does the baby crawl yet?... We got down on our knees and crawled through a small opening. -------- to CRAWL.
Cambiar de dirección o de opinión. balansearse, columpiarse. (Araund). Suing to move, or to make something move, backwards and forwards or from one side to another, especially from a fixed point.
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SWING AROUND. ---- Public opinion has swung round to supporting the strike... She swung round and stared angrily at us. ------- SWING AROUND.
Voltear, girar, virar alrededor. cambiar. por completo. --- (Turnear Alredor). to cause someone or something to spin. to swivel in the opposite direction.
The $400 million loan will help turn the Russian economy around. ------- TURN AROUND.
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TURN AROUND. ---- Around making someone or something change.
He has turned his life around thanks to football. ------- TURN AROUND.
Variado, de todo tipo, diverso. --- (Miselaneos). including many things of different kinds, consisting of various kinds of people or things.
A drawer full of miscellaneous items. A miscellaneous collection of newspaper articles. ------- MISCELLANEOUS.
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MISCELLANEOUS. -------- combined, mixed, multiple. combining things, people, or ideas of different types in one effective unit, group, or system.
A drawer full of miscellaneous items. A miscellaneous collection of newspaper articles. ------- MISCELLANEOUS.

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