phrasal verbs and idioms

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act up
Lernen beginnen
bad behave, operate badly (body functions or machines), become active (some desease).
comportar-se mal, nao funcionar como deveria, sintoma de doenca.
The kids act up all the time. The computer is acting up again,l. My car always act up in cold weather. This horse always act up with an inexperienced rider. Her allergies acted up when she went hiking in the woods.
act out
Lernen beginnen
behave badly bc you're unhappy or upset (often in ways that you are not aware of). what an actor do on films.
representar, atuar, interpretar, nao se comportar bem (mas stem intencao),
A warrior doesn't spend his days trying to act out the part that others have chosen for him. They acted out the story on stage.
account for
Lernen beginnen
th be the explanation ou to explain sth, contabilizar people after an accident or sth, give proof/record of how the money you have has been spent, a part of a total.
dar conta de algo/alguem, constiruir (numero % de um total), prestar contas, explicar, justificar, responder por algo, contabilizar. (Students account for the vast majority of our customers).
oh, well, that accounts for it (isso explica). He was unable to account for the error. All passengers have now been accounted for. We have to account for every penny we spend. High-tech companies account for 30% of the total value of the payrolls.
add up
Lernen beginnen
calculate a value, to increase little by little, not reasonable, nonsense, not justified value ($).
add up all the money I owe you. When you're feeding a family of six the Bill's soon add up. We can't sponsor this project cause it figures simple don't add up. his story just doesn't add up.
back down
Lernen beginnen
to admit a defeat or that you were wrong, to take back an opinion, to stop support a position.
No one backed down. Eventually, he back down and apologized. (Eventually = finally, after all, at last, in the end).
day in day out
Lernen beginnen
every day
remember that everyday (diario) is different than every day (todo dia). every other day = dia sim, dia nao...
Eat (your/my/his) heart out
Lernen beginnen
similar a dor de cotovelo, inveja do que aleguem tem.
Hook up / hook something up
Lernen beginnen
colocar na internet o computador, celular, etc. Tambem significa rolar um clima entre duas pessoas (Kate hooked up with John last night at the party)
I've got the tea / spill the tea
Lernen beginnen
eu tenho uma fofoca/ "derrube" a fofoca...
reached out
Lernen beginnen
estender a mao
see eye to eye
Lernen beginnen
agrre with something
we clearly don't see eye to eye on this.
Take off
Lernen beginnen
decolar, tirar algo de cima
Take out of
Lernen beginnen
tirar alguem/algo de dentro de um lugar.
Take the kids out of the school.

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