Phrasal verbs

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dopytać się
Lernen beginnen
ask after
Jim was asking after you
zgadzać się
Lernen beginnen
add up
His evidence just doesn’t add up
wycofywać się
Lernen beginnen
back down
Sheila was right so Paul had to back down
take into account
Lernen beginnen
bargain for
We hadn’t bargained for there being so much traffic, and we missed the plane
Lernen beginnen
bear out
Helen’s alibi was borne out by her sister
psuć się/załamywać się
Lernen beginnen
break down
David broke down and wept when he heard the news
stop talking
Lernen beginnen
break off
he broke off to answer the phone
to come to an end
Lernen beginnen
break up
The party finally broke up at 3:00 am
cause to happen
Lernen beginnen
bring something about
the crisis was brought about by Brendas resignation
zdołać coś zrobić
Lernen beginnen
bring something off
The team tried for years to win the competition and they finally brought it off
cause the onset of an illness
Lernen beginnen
bring something on
sitting in the damp brought on his rheumatism
cause trouble to happen to oneself
Lernen beginnen
bring something on
influence someone to your point of view
Lernen beginnen
bring someone round
After much discussion, I brought the committee round to my point of view
Lernen beginnen
bring something up
I feel I ought to bring anothet small matter
complete successfully - perhaps despite a problem
Lernen beginnen
carry off
Jane had a difficult role to play, but she carried it off
Lernen beginnen
carry out
The attack was successfully carried out
przyjmować się, zyskiwać popularność
Lernen beginnen
catch on
This new hairstyle is beginning to catch on
Lernen beginnen
come about
Let me explain how the situation came about
sprowadzają się do
Lernen beginnen
come down to
It all comes down to whether you are prepared to accept less money
receive - especially criticism, blame
Lernen beginnen
come in for
The government has come in for a lot of criticism over the decision
take place successfully
Lernen beginnen
come off
I’m afraid that deal didn’t come off after all
ukazywać się/wychodzić
Lernen beginnen
come out
Kate’s new book comes out next month
occur - usually a problem
Lernen beginnen
come up
Look, something has come up, and I can’t meet you
meet a difficulty or opposition
Lernen beginnen
come up against
We’ve come up against a bit of a problem
equal - especially expectations, standard
Lernen beginnen
come up to
The play didn’t come up to expectations
Lernen beginnen
come up with
We still haven’t come up with a solution to the problem
liczyć na
Lernen beginnen
count on
Dont worry, you can count on me
happen unexpectedly
Lernen beginnen
crop up
i cant come to your party, something has cropped up
znieść, zlikwidować
Lernen beginnen
do away with
dog licences have been done away with
Lernen beginnen
do away with
what if they do away with the old man?
Lernen beginnen
do (sth) up
we are having our living room done up
come to a stop
Lernen beginnen
draw up
a white sports car drew up outside the door
organize - especially a document
Lernen beginnen
draw up
the contract is being drawn up outside the door
pay a visit
Lernen beginnen
drop in
drop in any tome you’re passing
Lernen beginnen
drop off
the baby has just dropped off
finish in a certain way or place
Lernen beginnen
end up
we ended up staying there for luch
zmierzyć się
Lernen beginnen
face up to
you have to face up to your responsibilities
show amusement
Lernen beginnen
fall about
everyone fell about when Jane told her joke
use as a last resort
Lernen beginnen
fall back on
If the worst comes to the worst we’ve got our savings to fall back on
be deceived by
Lernen beginnen
fall for
it was an unlikely story but he fell for it
fall in love with
Lernen beginnen
fall for
i fell for you the moment i saw you
quarrel with
Lernen beginnen
fall out with
peter has fallen out with his boss
fail to come to completion
Lernen beginnen
fall through
the plan fell through at the last minute
feel capable of doing
Lernen beginnen
feel up to
old mr smith didnt feel up to walking all the way
act upon a suggestion
Lernen beginnen
follow up
the police didnt follow up Bills complaint about his neighbours
take more action
Lernen beginnen
follow up
we’ll follow up this lesson next week
be understood
Lernen beginnen
get (sth) across
i had the feeling i wasnt getting my meaning across
imply - about personal matters
Lernen beginnen
get at
what are you getting at exactly
make to feel depressed
Lernen beginnen
get someone down
this cold weather really gets me down
zabrać się do
Lernen beginnen
get down to
its time we got down to some real work
avoid punishement
Lernen beginnen
get off (with sth)
susan was punished but alice got off
approach a certain age/time/number
Lernen beginnen
get on for
he must be getting on for seventy
make progress - especially in life
Lernen beginnen
get on
sue is getting on very well in her new job
be surprised
Lernen beginnen
get over
i couldnt get over how well she looked
come to and end of sth, usually unpleasant
Lernen beginnen
get over with
i’ll be glad to get this awful business over with
find time to do - also around
Lernen beginnen
get round to
sorry, but i havent got round to fixing the tap yeat
do sth
Lernen beginnen
get up to
the children are getting up to sth in the garden
Lernen beginnen
give (someone) away
his false identity papers gave him away
wydzielać, emitować
Lernen beginnen
give off
the cheese had begun to give off a strange smell
be exhausted
Lernen beginnen
give out
when our money gave out we had to borrow some
abandon, devote
Lernen beginnen
give over
the rest of the time was given over to playing cards
Lernen beginnen
give over
why dont you give over! youre getting on my nerves
poddawać się/rezygnować
Lernen beginnen
give up
break a promise
Lernen beginnen
go back on
the mamagement has gone back on its promise
make a habit for
Lernen beginnen
go in for
i dont go in for that kind of thing
wziąć udział
Lernen beginnen
go in for
are you thinking of going in for the race?
wybuchpsuć się (np. o jedzeniu)
Lernen beginnen
go off
this milk has gone off
happen - usually negative
Lernen beginnen
go on
something funny is going on
be enough
Lernen beginnen
go round
there wasnt enough life-jackets to go round
complete a promise or plan - usually unwillingly
Lernen beginnen
go through with
when it came to actually stealing the money, Nora couldnt go through with it
become more liked
Lernen beginnen
grow on
this new record is growing on me
Lernen beginnen
hang onto
i think we should hang onto the car until next year
be deliberately unkind to someone
Lernen beginnen
have it in for
my teacher has (got) it in for me
express feelings so as to settle a problem
Lernen beginnen
have it out with
i put up with the problem for a while but in the end i had it out with her
Lernen beginnen
have someone on
i dont believe you. youre having me on
być w dobrych stosunkach
Lernen beginnen
hit it off
mark and sarah really hit it off at the party
discover by chance - often an idea
Lernen beginnen
hit upon/on
they hit upon the solution quite by chance
offer - especially with hope
Lernen beginnen
hold out
we dont hold out much hope that the price will fall
Lernen beginnen
hold up
sorry im late, i was held up in the traffic
use as an example
Lernen beginnen
hold up
jack was always held up as an example to me
agree with - an idea
Lernen beginnen
hold with
i dont hold with the idea os using force
Lernen beginnen
keep up
well done! keep up the good work
state a rule - especially the law
Lernen beginnen
lay down
the company has laid down stricr procedures for this kind of situation
zawieść kogoś
Lernen beginnen
let (someone) down
sorry to let you down, but i cant give you a lift today
allow to be part of a secret
Lernen beginnen
let it on
excuse from punishment
Lernen beginnen
let someone off
as dave was young, the judge let him off with a fine
Lernen beginnen
let on
we’re planning a surprise for helen, but dont let on
suffer a loss of reputation
Lernen beginnen
live it down
if city lose, they’ll never live it down
reach an unexpected standard
Lernen beginnen
live up to
they play quite lived up to my expectations
Lernen beginnen
look into
the police have promissed to look into the problem
Lernen beginnen
look on
we look on this town as our real home
visit when in the area
Lernen beginnen
look someone up
if youre passing thriugh athens, look me up
result in
Lernen beginnen
make for
the power steering makes for easier parking
run away with
Lernen beginnen
make off with
the thief made off with valuable necklace
Lernen beginnen
make out
tim made out that he hadnt seen the no smoking sign
manage to see or understand
Lernen beginnen
make out
i couldnt quite make out what the notuce said
understand someones behaviour
Lernen beginnen
make someone out
janet is really odd. i cant make her out
charge too much
Lernen beginnen
rip someone off
you paid £50? they really ripoed you off
Lernen beginnen
run someone down
shes always running down her husband
przestawać działać/rozładowywać się
Lernen beginnen
run down
i think the batteries are running down
napotkasz kogoś, spotkać przypadkiem
Lernen beginnen
run into
guess who i ran into at the supermarket
have enough money
Lernen beginnen
run to
i dont think we can run to a holiday abroad this year
check - also run through
Lernen beginnen
run over
lets run over the plan once more
let a bill get longer without paying
Lernen beginnen
run up a bill
i run up against a slight problem
go to station, airport etc to say goodbye to someone
Lernen beginnen
see someone off
i wenr to the station to see them off
Lernen beginnen
see through
i saw through his intentions at once
make fun of by imitating
Lernen beginnen
send (sth/ someone) up
jean is always sending up french teacher
start working
Lernen beginnen
set about
we must set about re-organizing the office
establish itself - especially weather
Lernen beginnen
set in
i think this rain has ser in for the day
give in detail in writing
Lernen beginnen
set out
this document sets out all the union demands
Lernen beginnen
set out
ive ser out the refreshments in the hall
start an action
Lernen beginnen
set out
sue ser out to write a biography but it became a novel
Lernen beginnen
set up
an inquiry into the accident has been set up
Lernen beginnen
set on/upon
we were set upon by a gang of hooligans
realize slowly
Lernen beginnen
sink in
slowly the realization that i had won began to sink in
popełnić omyłkę
Lernen beginnen
slip up
someone slipped up and my application was lost
find a solution
Lernen beginnen
sort (sth) out
dont worry, mary will sort out your problem
keep to an agreement
Lernen beginnen
stand by
the company agreed to stand by its original commitment
represent - initials
Lernen beginnen
stand for
e.g. stands for exampli gratia
Lernen beginnen
stand for
i will not stand for thid kind of behaviour in my house
take the place of
Lernen beginnen
stand in for
carol has kindly agreed to stand in for graham at the monthly meeting
resist, besr stress
Lernen beginnen
stand up to
the engine wont stand up to the strain
Lernen beginnen
step down
the chairman has stepped down after criticism from shareholders
Lernen beginnen
step up
production at the Leeds plant has been stepped up
defend - especially yourself, your rights
Lernen beginnen
stick up for
you must learn to stick up for yourself
Lernen beginnen
take in
dont be taken in by her apparent shyness
make someone else suffer because of ones own suffering
Lernen beginnen
take it out on
i know youre unhappy but dont take it out on me
Lernen beginnen
take off
dave takes off the prime minister really well
acquire a new characteristic
Lernen beginnen
take on
my grandmother has taken on a new a new lease of life since her operation
do sth extra
Lernen beginnen
take on
she has taken on too much with a full-time job as well
wykupić ubezpieczenie
Lernen beginnen
take out insurance
gain control of
Lernen beginnen
take over
the army tried to take over the country
develop a liking for
Lernen beginnen
take to someone
youll soon take to your new boss, im sure
occupy time
Lernen beginnen
take up time
the meeting took up a whole morning
dissuade from, persuade into
Lernen beginnen
talk out or into
paul talked me into going skiing, against my better judgement
scold (nagana)
Lernen beginnen
tell someone off
our tescher told us off for being late
podnosi sie
Lernen beginnen
picking up
business is picking up
compensate for / nadrabiac, wynagradzac
Lernen beginnen
make up for
something one would begin to like and appreciate with time
Lernen beginnen
grows on you
Lernen beginnen
make for
it only occassionally makes for its billing
nie dzialac prawidlowo
Lernen beginnen
play up
the windscreen wioers decided to play up
Lernen beginnen
put off
youll probably be put off by the price
odplacic sie
Lernen beginnen
pay back
to provide someone with a place to stay temporarily
Lernen beginnen
put sb up
to not punish someone who has committed a crime or done something wrong, or to not punish them severely
Lernen beginnen
let off
sally was let ogf with a warning because it was her firdt offence
wskazywać/ zwracać uwagę na coś
Lernen beginnen
point out
przypisywać coś czemuś czynić coś odpowiedzialnym za coś
Lernen beginnen
put down to

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