Places to see in Ukraine

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The cultural capital of the country is famous for its magnificent Old Town, the different cafes, museums and churches.
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Two UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in the capital of the country - the St. Sophia Cathedral and Pechersk Lavra. It is a city that combines history, beautiful churches and streets with city life.
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A seaport called the "Pearl of the Black Sea", famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful weather. There are a lot of places to explore there, including the City Gardens and the Opera House.
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"Little Vienna" is home to the UNESCO-protected University of Chernivtsi, charming streets where you can explore the Austro-Hungarian architecture and an impressive art museum.
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You can see different architecture in the city, due to the fact that it belonged to several countries. Hungarian buildings, Russian Orthodox churches and Czech architecture - all that can be observed in the centre of the city.
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It is an island on the Dnipro River that was the capital of Cossacks. It is famous for the historical buildings and its beautiful nature.
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The place where you can explore a great medieval fortification and participate in a tournament. The atmosphere and the surroundings of the castle are worth experiencing.
The Tunnel of Love
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A famous tunnel in the village of Klevan. Bushes and branches formed a tunnel over the railway, creating the most romantic place in Ukraine.
The Carpathian Mountains
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The place of breathtaking views and fresh air, the highest point in the country being Mount Hoverla (2 061 meters).
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The second biggest city in Ukraine is an important centre for communications and education and was once the capital of the country. The Freedom Square and the Derzhprom building are those places that are a must-see here.
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People interested in history and those who wish to explore Soviet architecture - this is the perfect place for that!
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After the accident in 1986, Chernobyl became a ghost town. People interested in such types of adventures visit the Exclusion Zone and find many interesting and tragical places.

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