Remote working

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He gave me advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of the legal process.
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a problem or difficulty that is likely to happen in a particular job, course of action, or activity
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to make certain that something will happen properly SYN make sure
burn out
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to work so hard over a period of time that you become unable to continue working because you are tired, ill, or unable to think of any new ideas
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something that stops you paying attention to what you are doing
take a hit
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to be badly affected in some way
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happening or existing in many places, and therefore not special or unusual
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to treat a person or animal badly, especially in a cruel way SYN ill-treat, maltreat
a cog in the machine
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someone who only has a small unimportant job in a large organization
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something that is used as a standard by which other things can be judged or measured
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causing harm or damage SYN harmful, damaging
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to be more important or valuable than something else
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a shape that you cannot see clearly

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