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To get something started.
Lernen beginnen
to get the ball rolling
Let's just stop planning and get the ball rolling. Let's do something!
To remain alert.
Lernen beginnen
to keep your eye on the ball
We can't leave it simmering, we have to keep our eyes on the ball.
To be well informed.
Lernen beginnen
to be on the ball
I'm on the ball regarding the Olympic Games.
To cooperate.
Lernen beginnen
to play ball
I have no choice I have to play ball with you if we want to get out of here.
A completely different situation, often one which is difficult or which you know little about.
Lernen beginnen
a whole new ball game
I knew everything about China, but Japan was a whole new ball game.
Someone (the one in whose court the ball is) has to do something, before anyone else can do something more.
Lernen beginnen
the ball's in someone's court
I've done everything I could, now the ball is in his court.
A bad mistake or shoddy job.
Lernen beginnen
a balls up
This film was a total balls up. I just couldn't stand it.
To be astonished or overwhelmed.
Lernen beginnen
to be bowled over
I was bowled over by the flowers he sent me.
To make the first decisive move in a situation.
Lernen beginnen
to beat someone to the punch
I planned to go to China and write about it, but George beat me to the punch.
To be fired or let go from an organization.
Lernen beginnen
to get the boot
Another way of saying somebody was fired is to say that he got the boot.
If someone's behaviour or actions are not cricket, they are not honourable or moral.
Lernen beginnen
It's not cricket.
You cheated! That's not cricket!
To put forth your best effort.
Lernen beginnen
to give it one's best shot
I'm sorry it failed, I gave it my best shot.
To have a high personal energy level.
Lernen beginnen
to have get-up-and-go
I just can't get up in the morning. My get-up-and-go is very low recently.
To carry through a course of action to completion.
Lernen beginnen
to go the distance
I started this project and I finished it, I went the distance.
To act unfairly.
Lernen beginnen
to hit below the belt
It's not cricket to hit below the belt.
To be lucky especially in a sport or hobby played on a green surface.
Lernen beginnen
the rub of the green
He broke his leg during the last semi-final, he apparently didn't have the rub of the green.
To put yourself into a good position to win something.
Lernen beginnen
to jockey for position
The politicians were jockeying for position, trying to get the best television exposure.
To discuss something.
Lernen beginnen
to kick something around
Let's just kick a few ideas around and choose the best one.
To start trouble or fight.
Lernen beginnen
to kick off
I felt the fight was just about to kick off.
Used to give permission to someone to do something.
Lernen beginnen
Knock yourself out.
Can I take your pencil? Sure, knock yourself out.
To fail when others are relying on you.
Lernen beginnen
to let the side down
I know there was no harm, but I feel I let the side down.
To try to persuade people to support you or give you something.
Lernen beginnen
to (make a) pitch for something
Advertisements' main goal is to make a pitch for something.
To make unfair changes without warning.
Lernen beginnen
to move the goalposts
Hey, that's unfair, you shouldn't change rules while playing, don't move the goal posts!
With all restrictions relaxed.
Lernen beginnen
No holds barred
Now you're an adult, no holds barred.
To have an affair.
Lernen beginnen
to play away from home
I suspect, my husband plays away from home.
To be careful and avoid any risk
Lernen beginnen
to play it safe
When taking care of a baby you have to play it safe.
To be saved from misfortune or unpleasantness by something.
Lernen beginnen
to be saved by the bell
He was just about to hit the thief, but the thief was saved by the bell of police arrival.
Some good quality that makes you like something or someone although you do not like anything else about them.
Lernen beginnen
saving grace
His good manners are his only saving grace, but I don't like him anyway.
To make a problem for yourself.
Lernen beginnen
to score an own goal
By saying this you've scored your own goal.
To surrender, admit defeat.
Lernen beginnen
to throw in the towel
I was trying to cook something, but after three hours in the kitchen I threw in the towel and ordered a meal.
To succeed by a very narrow margin.
Lernen beginnen
to win by a nose
This election was won by a nose by our candidate...

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