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accomplish (v)
There is no setting to disable the recruiter field, but this can be accomplished by contextualizing the field so that it only shows up in very limited circumstances.
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osiągnąć, zrealizować
accord (v)
Also, approval files are generated according to the user’s permissions to view fields having specific security levels.
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pozwalać, być w zgodzie
If users choose to receive the acknowledgment, upon completing their decision on the request, the users will receive an e-mail message confirming their action.
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uznanie, potwierdzenie
align (v)
... and then eventually align that % with your own approach and utilization of weighting that works best for you.
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The forgot username process, although an available option in the career section properties, should not be used since users are forced to log using their email address.
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mimo, że
amend (v)
Amend an approval path created by another user
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poprawić, zmodyfikować
approach (v)
For a simple approach, you can start by using 75% weight result...
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podejść, zbliżyć się
The system will sort workflows according to the level of compatibility and ensure that the most appropriate workflow is displayed when users create a requisition
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właściwy, odpowiedni
If enabled, the auxiliary navigation bar is available at all times for users to see and access.
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For example, when selecting the Save action, an asterisk would appear beside the fields that must be completed in order to perform the save action
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To use weighting, users assign a certain number of "points" to the answer they want to weight
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pewien, jakiś
In the Step Information field, enter information that could help clarify, for example, the list format options to Recruiting Center users or explain that other contexts are available for different recruiting circumstances.
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consider (v)
Consider these candidates first because they meet all Required criteria and some Asset criteria.
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Recruiters can also add a weighting to give more considerations to certain questions or competencies
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warunek, czynnik
Content owners create and store prescreening questions in the Questions Library
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They have contributed to developing, defining, or improving the competency
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desire (v)
In the ACE Candidate Alert page, select the desired criteria
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pożądać, życzyć sobie
The parent element of the lowest level of the requisition for each dimension (Organization, Location or Field) must be the same as the lowest level of the workflow for each dimension.
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distinguish (v)
The name is displayed in the requisition to distinguish the different accounts created with eQuest.
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divide (v)
Candidates are divided into three groups to help users determine which candidate files to review first:
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Assessments hosted by Taleo that are managed either by Taleo, by your own personnel, or by a third party assessment provider.
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A screening services partner can supply services such as validated tests to identify and measure a candidate’s qualifications, motivations, abilities and eligibility
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uprawnienia, kwalifikacje
embed (v)
For this reason, customers should not embed fields in PDF forms that they do not want users to be able to access.
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enable (v)
This option is visible if the Collaborators list has been enabled for the requisition
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umożliwić, pozwolić na
engage (v)
The average to fill position should keep candidates engaged, but not lose them due to too many questions
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zająć, zaangażować
enhance (v)
An enhancement request is being considered to better support contingent specific fields into the offer module.
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zwiększyć, poprawić
enroll (v)
This step is recommended to ensure that the desired results are achieved prior to enrolling out to the entire employee population.
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przyjąć, zapisać
When this is the case, the setting sets a value for an entire zone, the user account general preference sets a value for a specific user, then that specific user can set his/her own personal preference.
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Different participants of an organization are involved in the evaluation process.
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exceed (v)
The ACE candidate alert allows the system to identify the candidates who achieve or exceed the ACE alert threshold for a job offer.
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Allow access to executive requisitions
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Users are also be able to capture competitive offer information as well as candidate current and future expectations.
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By default, evaluation expirations are calculated based on the value set in the Evaluation Expiration setting available in the Evaluation Management Administration menu.
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extend (v)
When an offer is extended electronically, a tracking event is created in the candidate file History tab indicating that an electronic offer was extended.
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forecast (v)
Understanding of sales forecasting
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A candidate selection workflow (CSW) provides the framework to move a candidate through the hiring process in order to evaluate and find the best candidate for a job.
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Users will also be able to create a list of frequent approvers in the My Setup feature.
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furthest (the)
Icons are then used to indicate the furthest active progression status of a candidate across all positions where he/she is being considered.
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gather (v)
Competencies are used to gather proficiency level and years of experience of a candidate
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govern (v)
If users select multiple submissions and some of them do not correspond to the user type permission that governs the action the users want to perform, a message at the end of the updating process indicates which submissions were not updated.
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grant (v)
A user type permission grants users access to this feature
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handle (v)
Handle all compensation, benefits, employee relations, EEO compliance, staffing and organizational development issues.
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zajmować się
highlight (v)
Keyword highlighting is activated by your system administrator and is limited to Advanced Search results.
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incorporate (v)
If you utilized weighting on some of the questions you could, if you wish, incorporate into the ACE candidate alert setting as well.
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wcielić, włączyć
For instance, if you want a selection list of requisition ID's, you would create a SQL query to get the list of requisition ID's.
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If these dates are not defined in the requisition, the dates defined by the system administrator will be used instead.
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zamiast, raczej
intend (v)
The Hourly Manager user type is intended to reflect the combination of permissions that will provide a reasonable starting point for customers to use for their managers involved in self-service, continuous and/or high volume hiring scenarios.
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The task deletes the candidate files but the latter can later be restored if necessary (provided the files have not been deleted permanently in the interim by another task).
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invite (v)
An email is sent to selected candidates to invite them to apply on a job.
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involve (v)
Note that candidates who were involved in any Onboarding (Transitions) process that has not been deleted first in Onboarding (Transitions) will not be deleted.
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Actions available in the Next Action column are Candidate Selection Workflow (CSW) movements only
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ruch, poruszenie
obtain (v)
Users can then review the candidates list and have the option to reset the Required, Asset and Weight indicators as well as the ACE alert to modify the threshold if necessary to obtain a viable pool of top candidates.
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uzyskać, otrzymać
occur (v)
This process occurs in another window.
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pojawić się, wydażyć się
omit (v)
If a field is not configured to display in a given context, it will be omitted from the offer form and the rest of the fields will slide up in position to accommodate the field's absence.
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opuścić, pominąć
... otherwise labels are displayed in the requisition’s base language.
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inaczej, w przeciwnym razie
override (to)
Recruiters can choose to override the auto-rejection behavior set by the system administrator.
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przeważyć, potraktować z góry
The left pane contains the Show requisitions filter which allows users to filter requisitions using ownership values.
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When users are searching for The GAP without quotation marks nor parenthesis, the system will ignore the stop word in the query.
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umieszczać w nawiasie
If users do not have a particular permission, the corresponding action is unavailable for selection.
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The other tabs contain peripheral information.
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Ability to deliver high impact persuasive sales presentations.
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prescribed (v)
Most steps are mandatory and sequential, meaning that they must be completed in the prescribed order
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przypisany, zapisany
A candidate who was hired prior to reopening of the requisition remains on the requisition and retains the Hired step and status.
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A competency is used to gather proficiency level and years of experience of a candidate in order to find the best candidate for a job.
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Three system message templates have been created for this purpose.
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cel, zamiar
For example, when users are searching for "The GAP" placed within quotation marks or parenthesis, the system will consider the stop word "the".
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If the selection included submissions from candidates for whom the user was a collaborator rather than the owner, the system would generate a message listing the submissions that were not updated.
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raczej, dość, trochę
receive (v)
The selected recipient will appear in the list of recipients that will receive an ACE alert
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przyjąć, otrzymać
In the requisition Alerts tab, the criteria and recipients are displayed in the ACE Candidate Alert section.
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refuse (v)
Recruiting Center users can view and print offer letter PDFs that are electronically accepted or refused by the candidate or employee
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regardless (of)
All ACE Candidate Alert recipients receive the same candidate file, regardless of permissions to view candidate information in the system
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niezależnie od
If in fact the requisition is never routed for approval but is saved as open, these approvers will remain on the Approvals tab with no dates associated with conducting an approval.
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render (v)
When all the approvers have rendered their decision, an event is added for each decision in the requisition's History tab.
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renege (v)
If the offer was rescinded by the Recruiting Center user or reneged by the candidate, the offer grid will no longer display the icon to access the completed offer letter.
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replace (v)
If the requisition had originally been canceled during the approval process, the prior approval cycle that was in process will be terminated and will be replaced by the new one which must be initiated from the beginning.
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podstawić, podmienić
rescind (v)
However, you must first rescind all other offers extended to be able to close the requisition.
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retain (v)
An analogy can be drawn between the candidate selection workflow and moving candidate resumes from one pile to another as the selection progresses and the number of resumes retained is reduced.
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utrzymać, pozostawić
A coverage area is a combination of functional domains, Organizations, Locations and Job Fields that together determine the scope of information available to a specific user group.
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zasięg, możliwość
In a job-specific candidate list, the progression status icon may be displayed while the staircase icon may not be displayed if there is only one job application.
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Recruiting Center users can select multiple submissions on different requisitions and update the corresponding step or status.
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wniosek, zgłoszenie
If a step is mandatory, the user must take the candidate through the step before moving on to any subsequent steps.
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kolejny, dalszy
Based on the configuration, it is possible that more than one match be equally suitable.
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odpowiedni, dogodny
To feed such systems, integration with worker information, billing rate and suppliers (agents) can be done upon hiring.
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supply (v)
Competencies are supplied with the system, they are available in the Competencies Library
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If integrations are configured, the participants’ Microsoft Exchange Server calendar statuses are displayed including busy, out of the office, and tentative.
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These changes will therefore also appear in all requisitions to which this question is linked.
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dlatego, więc
If the Dynamic Approval Routing is used within an organization, approval will be sequential unless there are more than one approver for the same role, then approval will be parallel.
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chyba, że
validate (v)
Customers should validate this is working properly prior to go live and that the integration script has run for all necessary users to have this data populated correctly
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vary (to)
Depending on the status of the requisition and user type permissions you were granted, available editing functionalities will vary.
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zmieniać, regulować
The content required for the offer field, that is whether the content is not required or required for saving.
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azaliż, czy
Whichever action users want to perform (move candidate submissions to the next step, change a step's status, or bypass the current step) on multiple submissions, the users require the corresponding user type permission.
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