The Photographer's Image in Motion pictures 1

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the way that someone or something is described or represented in a painting, film, book, or other artistic work:
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His latest movie is a grim portrayal of wartime suffering
to take a lot of photographs quickly:
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She's very pleased with her new camera and was snapping away the whole time we were abroad.
to arrange something or a collection of things so that it can be seen by the public:
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Family photographs were displayed on the wall.
to cause someone to become very angry:
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He was enraged at the article about him.
expressing unfair or false criticism that is likely to damage someone's reputation:
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a scurrilous remark/attack/article
unusual and strange, sometimes in an unpleasant way:
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It's peculiar that they didn't tell us they were going away
a very strong feeling of wanting to do something repeatedly that is difficult to control:
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I seem to have a constant compulsion to eat.
planned or done in secret, especially describing something that is not officially allowed:
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He has been having a clandestine affair with his secretary for three years.
a person or thing that has the same purpose as another one in a different place or organization:
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The prime minister is to meet his European counterparts to discuss the war against drugs.
(a feeling of) not being certain about something, especially about how good or true it is:
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The prosecution has to establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
making you believe something that is not true:
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It's deceptive - from the outside the building looks small, but inside it's very big.
to argue that something is the best thing to do, giving your reasons:
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make a case for
We will only publish a new edition if you can make a convincing case for it
a plan to deceive someone, such as telling the police there is a bomb somewhere when there is not one, or a trick:
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The bomb threat turned out to be a hoax
to decide officially in a law court that someone is guilty of a crime:
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convict of
He has twice been convicted of robbery/arson
one of the main characters in a story or a play
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Key protagonists of the revolution were hunted down and executed.
containing information, especially about a crime, that makes you think something is true but does not completely prove it:
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The case against her was circumstantial.
to show or state that someone or something is not guilty of something:
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The report exonerated the crew from all responsibility for the collision.
to emphasize the importance something:
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The need for fire detectors in cargo bays was underscored by some accidents in the 1980s.
not loud, bright, noticeable, or obvious in any way:
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The play's message is perhaps too subtle to be understood by young children.
information about someone or something that is stored by the police or by a doctor:
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He is well known to the police and has a long criminal record (= a list kept by the police of his previous crimes).

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