The Photographer's Image in Motion pictures 2

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to express a thought, feeling, or idea so that it is understood by other people:
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I tried to convey in my speech how grateful we all were for his help.
having little value or importance:
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I don't know why he gets so upset about something so trivia
the window at the front of a car, truck, etc.
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to move or climb quickly but with difficulty, often using your hands to help you:
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to put things such as words or letters in the wrong order so that they do not make sense:
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He had a habit of scrambling his words when excited
to lose strength, determination, or purpose, especially temporarily:
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I'm afraid my concentration began to waver as lunch approached.
unexpected and not convenient or unpleasant:
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Unless anything untoward happens we should arrive just before midday.
to refuse to accept a helpful suggestion or offer from someone, often by answering in an unfriendly way:
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She rebuffed all suggestions that she should resign.
to make someone less confident, less powerful, or less likely to succeed, or to make something weaker, often gradually:
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Criticism just undermines their confidence
to admit, often unwillingly, that something is true:
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"Well okay, perhaps I was a little hard on her," he conceded.
attractive and pleasing, with simple qualities, sometimes like those a child has:
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Maria brought along her eldest daughter - a winsome girl with brown eyes and a ready smile.
to become completely involved in something:
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immerse yourself in sth
She got some books out of the library and immersed herself in Jewish history and culture.
to join together firmly, esp. by fitting one part into another
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interlocking rings
very good at noticing and understanding things that many people do not notice:
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Her books are full of perceptive insights into the human condition.
a ... person is someone whose mood often changes very suddenly:
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Be careful how you approach her - she's very temperamental
a person you trust and share your feelings and secrets with:
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female confidante
a close confidant, confidante

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