The Photographer's Image in Motion pictures 3

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in a way that is the same everywhere or for everyone:
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Critics were uniformly enthusiastic about the production
very and obviously:
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He is eminently qualified for the job
famous, respected, or important:
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an eminent historian
appearing not to have emotions or weaknesses:
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a hard-boiled detective
an occasion when someone who is having clothes made for them puts on the clothes before they are finished to make certain they will fit:
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I'm having the final fitting of my wedding dress on Thursday.
to come to an opinion about something, or have a belief about something:
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Women's magazines are often perceived to be superficial.
modern, fashionable
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to act as a warning or sign of a future event:
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The recent outbreak of violence was foreshadowed by isolated incidents in the city earlier this year.
having unlimited power and able to do anything:
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How can a loving, omnipotent God permit disease, war and suffering?
present or having an effect everywhere at the same time:
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The singer became an omnipresent icon of style and beauty
having or seeming to have unlimited knowledge:
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God is omniscient.
to be a perfect example of something:
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These louts personify all that is wrong with our society today
a place, especially a high place, that provides a good, clear view of an area:
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vantage point
a place, especially a high place, that provides a good, clear view of an area:

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