Touristic spots in Kyiv

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National Art Museum of Ukraine
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A must-see place where you can explore unique art masterpieces, sculpture and paintings from the oldest times.
St. Sophia's Cathedral
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It is an important architectural monument in Byzantine style. The work on it started in1037 and lasted three years. It is not only beautiful from the outside but also offers an amazing view from its bell tower.
The Botanical Garden
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A place rich in nature with a greenhouse where you can see succulents, tropical trees and flowers.
Pechersk Lavra
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The Orthodox monastery has a history of 10 centuries and is a place where you can explore ancient architecture and beautiful surroundings.
St. Andrew's Church
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It is a unique building in Baroque style built on an artificial hill. The staircase leads to the terrace where you can see the old neighbourhoods of Kyiv.
Museum of the Great Patriotic War
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It is the perfect place for people interested in the history of the Second World War. Here you can observe different monuments, tanks, cars and listen to war songs.
National Opera of Ukraine
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The building itself is very interesting and represents Neo-Renaissance architecture. The famous theatre was established in 1867.
Mikhail Bulgakov Museum
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The house where the famous writer Bulgakov lived for 13 years became a museum, where you can see the exact layout as it was in Bulgakov's novels.
Saint Michael's Monastery
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An impressive Orthodox cathedral located close to other attractions. It survived many wars and remained as beautiful as it was.
Mariinsky Palace
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The palace was built in 1744 and represents the ceremonial residence of the Ukrainian president. It is the place where important events and receptions happen.
The Motherland Monument
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The beautiful monument has a height of over 100 metres. The woman holds a sword and a shield and represents the national spirit of the people.
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The central street is home to Maidan Nezalezhnosti and the most important events, including the revolution in 2014. It is the place where you can observe Soviet buildings.
The house with Chimaeras
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The architecture of the presidential residence was created by Vladislav Gorodetsky. The best part of it is the sculptures on the house.

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