Ukrainian holiday traditions

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People sing religious songs and eat traditional dishes. The greeting also changes, people say "Christ is born" and answer "Glorify Him".
St. Nicholas' Day
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One of the oldest holidays celebrated from the times of Kievan Rus. Kids write letters to the saint and receive gifts or a twig if they did not behave well.
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After seven days of Lent, when people don't eat meat, dairy and eggs, they can finally start cooking and the "pysanky" (decorating Easter eggs). They prepare traditional food and gather with their family to celebrate.
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It is the day when the summer meets autumn. People go to the church with fruits and vegetables. The weather that day predicts how will the weather be in autumn.
St. Catherine's Day
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The holiday when young women gather together for "vechornytsi". They eat and gossip, do fortune-telling customs and line their shoes to see which of them will get married first.
Victory Day
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The 9th of May is when Ukrainians celebrate the victory in the Second World War. They watch the parade and honour the victims of the war.
New Year
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Ukrainians celebrate New Year twice: on 1st of January and on the 14th. Young people gather to go from house to house, they dress in goats, sing and dance to congratulate others.
Ukrainian weddings
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The wedding begins with the religious ceremony in the church, where the couple gets crowned. Then, the couple and their relatives gather to celebrate. The bride might get kidnapped according to the tradition.
Holy Trinity Day
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People decorate their houses with branches and herbs that symbolize life.
Independence Day
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The day when people gather in the centre of the city to watch the parade, celebrate and sing the anthem.
Ivana Kupala
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The night from 6th to 7th June is when young girls let wreaths go by the river and couples jump over the fire.
International Women's Day
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The 8th of March is when all men congratulate their wives, sisters, colleagues with flowers and gifts.
St. Andrew's Day
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It is the day when girls do fortune-telling and men hide the fences of the houses where unmarried girls live.

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