Unconventional career advice (Prof. Galloway)

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wind down
Lernen beginnen
to gradually relax after doing something that has made you tired or worried
Lernen beginnen
the group of people who work in a company, industry, country, etc.
Lernen beginnen
not asked for
an idea that resonates with many voters
Lernen beginnen
if something such as an event or a message resonates, it seems important or good to people, or continues to do this
Lernen beginnen
chief financial officer
Lernen beginnen
to recognize or express the difference between things or people SYN distinguish
be at variance (with somebody/something)
Lernen beginnen
the amount by which two or more things are different or by which they change
string sth together
He was so drunk he could hardly string two words together
Lernen beginnen
to manage to say or write something that other people can understand
zip code
Lernen beginnen
in the US, a series of numbers that forms part of an address, used to help organize post so that it can be delivered more quickly
Lernen beginnen
1) a large public meeting, especially one that is held outdoors to support a political idea, protest etc; 2) a continuous series of hits of the ball between players in a game such as tennis
Lernen beginnen
especially spoken of very bad quality SYN awful, terrible
compound interest
Lernen beginnen
interest that is calculated on both the amount of money invested or borrowed and on the interest that has been added to it
pay off
Lernen beginnen
if something you do pays off, it is successful or has a good result
Lernen beginnen
the total after a lot of different figures or points have been added together
also: very small pieces of stone or sand
Lernen beginnen
informal determination and courage SYN guts
Lernen beginnen
formal lunch
Lernen beginnen
the equipment needed for a particular activity or way of life
work sb’s ass off
Lernen beginnen
to make someone work very hard
Lernen beginnen
of a good enough standard or quality
Lernen beginnen
a covering of artificial hair worn on the head to hide a loss of hair or to cover your own hair

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