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wife's mother to husband's mother or father
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wife's father to husband's mother or father
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the expression to use when something happens very quickly; although seldom, it can also be translated as "in the blink of an eye"
After the extreme diet she quickly gained back the weight.
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Po ekstremalios dietos ji akimirksniu susigrąžino pradinį svorį.
a reflexive particle that is used for an action that has been done "by oneself"
Mother made me clean my room.
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the particle in this example can be found between prefix "-su" and infinite word "-tvarkyti" (to clean)
Mama privertė mane susitvarkyti kambarį.
a prefix that is used for an action or feeling that is still happening
The protests about climate change are still taking place.
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Tebevyksta protestai dėl klimato kaitos.
a feeling when someone's failure makes one happy
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of two kinds
This book has brought the feelings of two kinds to me.
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Ši knyga man sukėlė dvejopus jausmus.
an adjective that is used for something either too expensive, difficult or unreachable both physically and mentally
This house is too expensive for us.
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Šio namo kaina mums neprieinama.
an interjection that is used for either sudden event or violent action
And all of the sudden, a hit in the head.
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Ir pyst, smūgis į galvą.
a rather negative word for a clumsy person
this word indicates that someone is extremely, idiotically clumsy
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