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abide by
Lernen beginnen
to obey an order or rule
Lernen beginnen
to refrain from doing sth
Lernen beginnen
one of the required elements of a contract where one party agrees to what is offered by the other party
Lernen beginnen
to accumulate sth over a period of time
act of god
Lernen beginnen
a natural disaster that no one could predict such as a hurricane or a flood
Lernen beginnen
to stop a meeting or a court hearing for a break or to postpone a legal hearing until another date in the future
Lernen beginnen
to give someone money before they should receive it, such as part of their salary
Lernen beginnen
to state that sth has happened or that sth is true even though it has not yet been proved
Lernen beginnen
the settling of a dispute by a third party
Lernen beginnen
money that is owed to someone but has not been paid on the agreed date
articles of association
Lernen beginnen
the document that specifies the way in which a company regulates its affairs
Lernen beginnen
to give or to transfer the ownership of sth
Lernen beginnen
a person who closely examines the finance of a company
Lernen beginnen
to decide in an official capacity the amount of money that should be given to someone

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