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Lernen beginnen
to forbid sth or to make it illegal
Lernen beginnen
unable to pay your debts
Lernen beginnen
to carry a heavy burden such as the responsibility
Lernen beginnen
a person who is left property in a will
Lernen beginnen
if an agreement is described as binding it means that a court recognises this agreement as being valid
Lernen beginnen
to put people or companies onto a list with whom you will not do business
Lernen beginnen
a group of people in a company or an organisation who run the company and make any important decision
boilerplate clause
Lernen beginnen
a general term used to describe a typical clause that is found in most commercial contracts such as clauses dealing with service of notice or governing law
bona fide
Lernen beginnen
real, true in good faith, to act honestly without any knowledge of wrongdoing
Lernen beginnen
to take sth from someone with their permission and use it for a period of time before returning it to them
Lernen beginnen
to break a contract, not to fulfil your contractual obligations
Lernen beginnen
a written list itemising the total cost of sth such as a bill
Lernen beginnen
to plan income and expenditure for a future period, the name given to the plan itself
burden of proof
Lernen beginnen
the duty and responsibility to prove that sth that has been alleged is actually true

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