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Lernen beginnen
all of the money, property and assets of a business
Lernen beginnen
an organization that collects money or goods o help people such as the poor or the sick
Lernen beginnen
to refer to sth or to quote sth in court
Lernen beginnen
plaintiff; the person who starts a claim against someone in the civil court
class action
Lernen beginnen
a lawsuit or claim started by a group of people who are taking action together against the defendant because they all have the same problem
compound interest
Lernen beginnen
interest that is calculated on both the sum of money lent to someone and on the interest that has accrued but not been paid
Lernen beginnen
to agree with someone, usually because you have the same opinion as they
Lernen beginnen
the thing that each party to a contract gives in exchange for what other party gives; it is usually money, goods
Lernen beginnen
to ask a group of people to come together to attend a formal meeting
Lernen beginnen
the law and procedure relating to legally transferring the ownership of real property (land, including buildings) from one party to another
Lernen beginnen
the legal right of an author, musician, artist or film maker to publish his or her own work and not have it copied without permission
Lernen beginnen
to agree to do sth under the terms of a contract
Lernen beginnen
to have or to give protection against financial loss to someone, usually under an insurance policy
Lernen beginnen
a person or company that is owed money

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