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abschneiden Englisch:

1. cut off

She lost touch with the world when her telephone line was cut off.
So, I decided to cut off the head and the tail.
I want to cut off the hem of the skirt and make it shorter. / Please don’t cut me off while I am talking. / Mike had to cut off his friends when he realized they were a bad influence.
A) The hairdressers cut all my hair off. B) My parents cut me off from money. C) I didn't pay a bill and was cut off. D) Can you please stop cutting me of while I'm talking?
Jane decided to have all her hair cut off at the weekend. It's really short.
Telephone wires are down in the region and some farms have been cut off since yesterday.
Our electricity was cut off.
After the storm almost the whole town had their electricity cut off.
By the morning the snow was very deep, and we were cut off from the rest of the village.
We hadn't paid the bill, so our water supply was cut off.
If you don’t pay your bil; l you’ll get cut off.
I did feel quite cut off actually
We were cut off in the middle of our conversation.
First of all, we need to cut off supply.
my internet connection has been cut off. some idiot cut me off!

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