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1. aligning

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2. align

align with
‘I put my child on a pedestal. What my daughter knows is that if she loves herself first, love will align in her friendships, relationships, and all aspects of her life’
"This policy is closely aligned with the goals of the organization "
aligning domestic prices with prices in world markets

3. host

I explained to the host that I had been delayed by a traffic jam.
The host received us.
The white blood cells are filtered out so that they do not attack the body of their new host.
It made me nervous when I was asked by the host to offer some words of congratulation.
Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.
An exclusively behavioral approach to psychology ignores family problems, school situations, and a host of other issues that can adversely affect a child's emotional and psychological growth.
Having found a suitable human host, an ambitious Cuba Libre sang a beautiful ballad at the karaoke bar.
All the guests said that you've been a gracious host.
The 1983 Cricket World Cup was hosted by England for a third consecutive time
BBC protected the pedophile, because he was hosting the music show
Mister Ferenc is a good host.
Your mother is an amazing host - I am treated like a king.
In Plantinga's train has followed a host of Christian philosophers.
necromancer feeding from the host
A guest should not try to make himself superior to the host.

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