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beißen Englisch:

1. bite bite

Bite your tongue!
I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from laughing.
A rattlesnake's bite is filled with poison.
He was curious about how it would taste, so he took a small bite.
We are inclined to think that most dogs bite.
I wouldn't push him too far. You don't know what he might do. I'd say you can't be too careful. They say even a doomed mouse will bite a cat if he has no choice.
Everything was allowed: You could kick, trip, hit, or bite your opponent.
Don't scratch your mosquito bite. It'll get inflamed.
When the dog tried to bite me, I held him down by the neck and thoroughly scolded him.
We suspect it's about a poisoning by snake bite.
I love the taste when I bite into a juicy peach.
Mosquitoes bite like mad in this kind of weather.
When we bite into something delicious, it has an effect on our whole body.
I bite my nails when I’m nervous.
Mosquito bites drive me crazy!

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2. biting biting

Stop biting your nails.
What's biting you?
I was not aware of a mosquito biting my arm.
You must get rid of the habit of biting your nails.
Biting your fingernails is a bad habit.
They were biting like crazy yesterday.
The fish aren't biting today.
He shivered in the biting cold. The biting January wind drove the snow before it.
He’s always been in our life, but he’s been biting, and he’s in pain.
I was biting my nails, worrying about you.
You don't have to play outside in the biting wind.

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