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beleidigen Englisch:

1. offend offend

Tom didn't mean to offend anyone.
This letter contains sensitive information that may offend some people.
So this doll has offended people
His marks about her family offended her
my brother unknowingly offended our neighbour
Allowing to carry on offending is an injustice to victims.
learn a conversation without offending anybody
Henry offended the local bigwig.
They'll be offended if you don't go to their wedding.
He offended the viewers by bad language. He was asked to leave the party after he offended Martha.
I didn’t want to offend her but I told her she looked about 45 and she’s only 38!
If a pile of dirty dishes offends you, you don't know how to complicate your life then.
They avoided saying anything that might offend their audience.
Its content offends the moral sensibilities of most readers.
No, Caesar, of course I wasn't offended!

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2. to insult to insult

He tried to insult the referee.