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1. bloom bloom

Flowers bloom.
There was lavender in bloom as far as the eye could see.
The next morning I woke to see the fruit trees in bloom underneath my window.
In this time of the year the roadsides are in full bloom. You can find there, for example, a lot of cow parsley, rapeseed, and dandelions.
North China is cold in spring, so flowers don't bloom outdoors.
It is in early spring that daffodils come into bloom.
It is such warm weather that the roses will bloom soon.
Apple trees have bloomed early this year.
Can you visualise how the garden will look once the flowers are in bloom?
On the edge of the cliff bloom the most beautiful flowers.
Daffodil blooms in the meadow.
i bloom just for you
She only wanted to reveal herself in the full bloom of her beaty.
her face had lost its usual bloom
Rose and lilies are in bloom in the garden. I like these better than those.

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2. blossom blossom

The cherry blossom is to Japan what the rose is to England.
The cherry blossom season brings crowds of people to parks.
I hope their relationship will blossom into something permanent.
Trees blossom in spring
peach trees in blossom
The city of Mito was crowded with blossom viewers.
This couple approaches humor so dryly that enormous chains of jokes will blossom without an iota of laughter.
You are pretty like a cherry blossom.
No autumn fruit without spring blossom.
These drones aren't just for fun — they're intended to give blossoming cinematographers a way to catch amazing high angles without the need for more expensive gear.
-I If someone or something blossoms, they develop good, attractive, or successful qualities.
She has really blossomed recently.
Flowers are blossoming.
I hope our business relationship will continue to blossom.
Would God, I were the tender apple blossom, That floats and falls from off the twisted bough, To lie and faint within your silken bosom, Within your silken bosom as that does now.

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3. flourish flourish

the coal industry flourished in Victorian times
When someone speaks with such rhetorical flourish, it starts to sound like they're lying.
I really think Emma is going to flourish at her new school.
flourishing business
The business began to flourish once again.
A young man of talent and ambition might flourish under my patronage.
Virtue can only flourish amongst equals.
For how long did the Maya culture flourish?
Legends of vampires flourish in the Balkans.
The economy in oland has flourished recently
Their company flourish after last investition.
Few businesses are flourishing in the present economic climate.
The black market will take off, smuggling will flourish and the prices of birds will rise.
if all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. if all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish
Liberty, as we all know, cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing. Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of central government.

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