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1. aught

know you aught of this fellow, young sir?

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2. something

Let's try something.
A passport is something you cannot do without when you go to a foreign country.
Quit talking like you've got something stuck in your mouth and say what you mean.
If you know that something unpleasant will happen, that you will go to the dentist for example, or to France, then that is not good.
Unless it's something fairly impressive, I won't remember it.
Something you should know about me is that I'm afraid of heights.
They took Tom to the hospital to have his stomach pumped because he ate something poisonous.
I talked with Tom for over an hour before he said something that made me realize he wasn't a native speaker.
Mathematicians are like French people: whatever you tell them they translate it into their own language and turn it into something totally different.
If there is nothing near them that needs doing, they are sure to go and find something.
This kind of music is something that older people have difficulty understanding.
Our section chief always makes a face at me when I ask him for something.
If a burglar came into my room, I would throw something at him.
Even though I felt that there was something strange, I just didn't know what it was.
This drawing is less than great. He needs to do something with the line here at the back of the leg.

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3. anything

Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung.
Anything that can be misunderstood will be.
Anything new?
If anything, my grandfather seems happier than before.
You should check your bag to see if anything is missing.
What toppings do you want on the pizza? "Anything but anchovies."
He tends to shy away from anything that involves public speaking.
I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.
You must persevere before you can accomplish anything great.
She's so gullible she'll believe anything you tell her.
I looked in my closet for something to wear, but couldn't find anything appropriate for the occasion.
She took advantage of our hospitality and stayed a whole month without paying us anything.
He was so intent on money-making that he had no time to think of anything else.
Anything you could do in support of their effort would be very much appreciated.
When she was young, she would never eat anything fattening.

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4. somewhat

When he saw her letter, he felt somewhat uneasy.
With the approach of Christmas, business improved somewhat.
Now that I think over it, it's somewhat embarrassing.
somewhat confused
Strictly speaking, his view differs somewhat from mine.
The collaboration between these somewhat eccentric men was filled with strain and compromise on both sides, but in the end they appear to have gotten on well.
They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse.
This is because they are trying to prove they are somewhat independent.
I am very good at appearing organised, although the reality is somewhat different.
While walking, I used to feel somewhat in a hurry.
She received me somewhat unenthusiastically
It is somewhat too Eurocentric and somewhat too compartmentalised as well.
She threw her skinny arms around my neck and planted a somewhat sticky kiss on my cheek.
He was a good-looking but somewhat raffish young gentleman.

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