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französisch Englisch:

1. French French

It's quite difficult to master French in 2 or 3 years.
He is French.
French cooking aims at making healthy, tasty food.
Being 25 letters long, 'anticonstitutionnellement' is the longest word in French.
Mathematicians are like French people: whatever you tell them they translate it into their own language and turn it into something totally different.
A part of the country was at one time a French settlement.
The teacher wrote French words on the blackboard.
How often does Tom take French lessons?
If I were to study French, I'd prefer to study with a native French speaker.
If you were to hear him speak French, you would take him for a Frenchman.
Mr. Suzuki studied French before he went to France.
She's the French ambassador to Portugal.
The French and Indians won the Battle of Fort Duquesne.
Since I live near Canada, I'd prefer to learn the kind of French spoken in Canada.
With her help, my French improved little by little.

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