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1. large large

It's too large.
It is hoped that this new policy will create jobs on a large scale.
Many large Japanese companies depend on exports.
Large areas of the ocean are polluted.
Making such a large sale is a feather in the salesman's cap.
The Tatoeba Project, which can be found online at tatoeba.org, is working on creating a large database of example sentences translated into many languages.
Not long ago we heard a father say in the presence of his large family, "I don't want any of my boys to be lawyers."
Large cars use lots of gas.
His large income enabled him to live in comfort.
When their leader died, they placed his body in a large tomb.
Throughout the United State large numbers of young people enter college every year.
The number of Europeans who visit Thailand every year is very large.
In the city, large quantities of garbage are being produced every day.
On large farms, cattle are usually marked with brands.
Large catches of squid are a sign of a coming earthquake.

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2. grand grand

the grand total of all money paid out
We bought a grand piano which took up half of our living room.
The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular places in the USA.
Selena Gomez grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas.
grand feast
Since they didn't tie the knot following a grand love affair, it wasn't a matter of blind love.
Oh, boy... Al-Sayib sighed. "Well, how much do you need? I've got about 10 grand just sitting in my offshore account."
That's because they're the classic places for 'something' to appear. Like the grand piano that plays by itself, the human anatomical model that moves by itself ...
Matsui pulled the Giants back from the brink with a grand slam that gave them a come-from-behind victory.
Winning the Grand Prix was a feather in the cap of the famous drivers.
The colonnade of the basilica of Saint Peter is truly grand and beautiful.
We have a grand mission for you. Are you ready?
You eat our food, telling your grand stories and your lies.
An example of grand used as an adjective is the phrase a "grand tree," which means a very tall tree. A grand old tree.
The power delivered by a one square metre solar panel is approximately one watt. Therefore it is currently difficult to harvest solar energy on a grand scale.

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3. big big

a big fish
Part of the charm of a big city lies in the variety of styles that can be seen in the architecture of its buildings.
According to a study, big women are more prone to have twins.
You should stockpile necessary supplies in case of a big earthquake.
She bought him a camera that was too big to fit in his shirt pocket.
Our negotiations to lower export taxes suffered a big setback.
In city after city, big public meetings were held.
The pressures of supporting a big family are beginning to catch up with him.
A big bomb fell, and a great many people lost their lives.
The buying and selling of peoples' personal information is becoming a big issue.
Tom can't forget the time he and Mary had their first big argument.
The theory of the Big Bang was proposed in 1927 and expanded in 1929.
When a big ape emerged from the cave, they got frightened and ran away.
Tom is used to driving a pickup truck, but he's never driven one of those really big trucks.
It must have been something really big for him to strike a triumphant pose like that.

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4. great great

Great, isn't it?
A great warrior radiates strength. He doesn't have to fight to the death.
Though the Incas built up a great civilization, they had no system of writing.
If it were not for great books, our lives would be much the poorer.
Most people have great disinclinations to get out of bed early, even if they have to.
The cones of the jack pine, for example, do not readily open to release their seeds until they have been subjected to great heat.
Wouldn't it be great if a gender-neutral pronoun for "he" or "she" existed in English?
This drawing is less than great. He needs to do something with the line here at the back of the leg.
We humans have a great way of twisting facts to fit our conclusion as soon as we have made one.
All great men are dead and I am not feeling too well myself.
By the 1750s, all the tribes of the Great Plains had horses.
The small country is making great efforts to keep up with other developing countries.
A nation need not necessarily be powerful to be great.
Being written in great haste, this letter has quite a few mistakes.
General Lee and the Confederate Army lost the great battle.

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5. tallish tallish

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6. tall tall

I'm tall.
Do you think I'm too tall?
How tall do you think my daughter will be in three years?
The last to leave was a tall man, with a pale face and smooth, black hair.
What really surprised me most about Tom was how tall he was.
A tall tree hid his house from our view.
Nobody believed Kevin because all he ever told were tall stories.
What about the tall grass you left over by the cellar door?
That's no good! You're tall so you've got to be in the forward defence.
While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.
Judging by the size of this footprint, I'd say the perp is about six feet tall.
Tall trees catch much wind.
At the moment she saw a tall man with a gun standing in the doorway, she instinctively backed away.
Those brothers are both over 6 feet in height. That's indeed tall.
He was a tall, heavy-looking young man of five-and-twenty. His air was grave and stately, and his manners were very formal.

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