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1. buy buy

We buy CDs.
Buy any dress you like.
You never can tell what some people might buy.
You'd be amazed how many apples you can buy for two hundred dollars.
I always buy a top quality product even if it is slightly more expensive.
My friend recommended that I shouldn't buy an iPad yet, but to wait until I see what Apple's competitors come out with.
People are buying iMacs the same way they buy household appliances.
The cheap prices tempted me to buy things I didn't need.
Please buy me the new Shakira CD.
Advertisements urge us to buy luxuries.
They buy these goods cheaply overseas and then mark them up to resell at home.
Buy it for me, please.
If you buy this, I will give you a fifteen percent discount.
Sooner or later, we'll have to buy a new TV since the TV we have now is a very old model.
Buy land. I hear they aren't making it anymore.

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2. purchase purchase

As it is, ordinary people cannot afford to purchase such luxuries.
A home is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase so you don't want to make any snap decisions.
purchase price
The company collected tiny blood samples and diluted them in order to run blood test using machines purchased from other companies.
Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.
We will deliver the products within 30 days after the date of Purchase Order.
To purchase a ticket, you need to enter your personal details.
By means of monthly payments, people can purchase more than in the past.
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
It was a purchase which he could not possibly afford.
I even find it hard to walk past them when they're items I’ve never purchased before – I stop and look!
My latest purchase is a piece of land in the country. This car was a good purchase. Five years ago we purchased a 7-year old home.
We have to purchase computer equipement for left-handed.
"the large number of videos currently available for purchase
Keeping the suit on, Dima walked out of the changing room and stated that he wanted to make the purchase.

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