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1. crawl crawl

Babies crawl before they walk.
Can you do the crawl?
I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.
The sight of the centipede on the wall was enough to make my skin crawl.
That night I could hardly crawl into bed, I was so tired and sore. I often noticed that some foreigners who studied Japanese reached the peak of their language capability at the end of their period of language learning.
You've sprained your ankle and can't walk can you? "No, I'm fine! I can move forward at a crawl!"
His works include live maggots crawling over a dead animal.
First he started to walk and than he learnt to crawl.
How does a baby move before it learns to walk? A baby crawls on its hands and knees.
To get through this low tunnel we’ll have to crawl on our hands and knees.
I was watching a spider crawling across the ceiling and listening to my parents arguing about housework.
He crawls throught frozen tundra.
This huge insect was crawling on his face while he was asleep
the traffic is terrible and the cars just crawl along most of the time
Crawl forward is done much more agilely - scuttle like a cockroach!

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