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1. inquisitively inquisitively

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2. curious curious

What's going on in the cave? I'm curious. "I have no idea."
The more you study, the more curious you will become.
"Why do you want to know?" "I'm just curious."
curious about
As well as being very curious, some people thought she was very strange.
Generally speaking, Englishmen aren't curious about others.
One of the most curious things that has forced itself on my notice is that there is no permanence in the judgement of beauty.
Surely the most curious of sources consulted is Mankind Quarterly.
Aren't you curious what I'd like to say to you?
Don't be mad. I was just curious.
happy people are active, creative and curious aobout new experiences
Timmy is very curious of the world. / 2. I'm curious what else we might find here. / 3. I was curious so I researched it on the net. / 4. No, I'm just curious.
I am curious if it is possible at all for a younger couple to purchase a home
Curious gazes, gazes carrying a bit of murderous intent...it goes without saying that I couldn't be more uncomfortable.

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3. inquisitive inquisitive

Resource Investigators have relaxed personalities with a strong inquisitive sense.
She's inquisitive by nature.
The cat was extremely inquisitive. She always wanted to know what her owners were doing.
Mind your own bussiness! We don't like inquisitive guys like you in here.
You are too inquisitive about other people's affairs.
She was nervous. The man in front of her was being unusually inquisitive.
He was very inquisitive; always asking random questions about random things.
inquisitive child
She could see inquisitive faces looking out from the windows next door.
An inquisitive person is one whose brain is always buzzing, buzzing with loads and loads of questions.
He’s a very inquisitive little boy.
The cat was extremely inquisitive.
His poems reveal an intensely inquisitive mind.
She has always been particularly inquisitive. She is forever asking questions.
Scott was trying to avoid being critical by his inquisitiveness.

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4. nosey nosey

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